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by Justpin (#47636529) Attached to: Long-Wave Radar Can Take the Stealth From Stealth Technology
It is in operation yes, in limited numbers. But they aren't making any more and as the costs escalate it seems they might as well make more F-22s than F35s. The the F-22 is tested and operational and mostly does what it was advertised to do. The F35 is still promises a lot of things, for the costs of the F35 you might have been able to replace on a 1:1 basis all the aging F-15s the USAF has.

Comment: Re:The F35 is a joke: (Score 1) 275

by Justpin (#47632255) Attached to: Long-Wave Radar Can Take the Stealth From Stealth Technology
The F35 is a government subsidy program for Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin were pretty much given a blank cheque to write for as much as they want. The irony is Lockheed Martin had a completed and viable aircraft the F-22 which could have been modified like the F-15 which grew over the years to become the F-15E

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by Justpin (#47612633) Attached to: MIT Considers Whether Courses Are Outdated
I remember going into Manchester University / MMU/ Salford. (MA courses) The course I was looking at had 2 out of 8 core modules the other 6(+2 if you wanted) were electives and depending on the combination that you chose your masters qualification would be named differently, it could change from MSc to MA or MEd.

+ - Piracy is NOT legal or Decriminalized in the UK->

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qjdotnet (949901) writes "I've seen this story around the net and on social sites, but the title is completely misleading to make people click, or just believe the title without reading the article, which doesn't really go to great lengths to contradict the title. Piracy is not legal, there will be less enforcement.

Originally posted a very misleading topic that the UK has decriminalized piracy. It's simply not true.

Piracy is very much illegal, but the enforcement aspect will be minimal. However, ISP logs will still be kept so in my opinion if the government/media corporations want to go after a high profile target, they will. We are not yet 100% in bizzaro world where piracy is legal."

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Sigh you do realise it is 32C at this latitude right? bodies rot, and there are wild animals in this part of the world. I bloody well saw wolves in the Urals not far from the roads. So they move the bodies, oh they are evil, they don't move the bodies bodies rot or get eaten or decay rather quickly (you ever seen how fast dead things rot?) oh they are so disrespectful not moving the bodies.

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