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Comment: Re:100Yen Sushi (Score 1) 51

by Justpin (#48607989) Attached to: Telepresence Store Staffed Remotely Using Robots
What happens with shop lifters too? I think they will probably have one/two people per store who switch roles through the day. Lidl and Aldi have this. The check outs are not staffed all the time the staff are moving stock in and out on pallets and you ring a buzzer if you want somebody to serve you at the check out. But real huge one man stores have been operating for a while. Big tiles/carpets/furniture stores are often run by one person as the stock is hard to steal and the customer service is non existent.

Comment: 100Yen Sushi (Score 2) 51

by Justpin (#48607857) Attached to: Telepresence Store Staffed Remotely Using Robots
This reminds me a lot of Japan. In the 100Yen Kaitan (conveyor Sushi) places they don't have on site managers. They have the master (the chef) and a waitress. To keep costs low they have one manager who watched the stores via Webcams placed everywhere. The manager directs multiple stores via what they seen on the webcams and if there is a complaint they're connected via a video call.

Comment: Re:Labor Loopholes? (Score 1) 51

by Justpin (#48607851) Attached to: Telepresence Store Staffed Remotely Using Robots
Robots can stack shelves. There is a 7-11 in Hong Kong on the corner of Kimberley Road and Canarevon road. It is a tiny retail space the shelves are stacked from behind by a sort of reverse vending machine mechanism. It looks strange because the fridges are quite shallow holding 3 layers of canned drinks. You take one out and you hear a faint whirring and the 2nd can gets pushed forward with another drink from behind. Of course it can't do everything.

Comment: Re:The Same Game (Score 1) 454

by Justpin (#48457215) Attached to: Researchers Say the Tech Worker Shortage Doesn't Really Exist
Exactly the same happens in the UK. UK workers have their own accommodation and generally know the law. So farmers and businesses slate the UK population as lazy scum. When it is a case of exploitation, arbitrage and ability to exploit workers. So farmers hire Eastern Europeans to pick fruit and harvest food. They pay them the minimum wage but subject them to truck acts. Where sure we'll pay you £6.50 an hour (UK min wage) but we're going to have to charge £5/h for the caravan you have to stay in. Oh and we'll pay you in tokens which coincidentally can only be spent in the farm shop. As such workers end up on almost nothing. I've witnessed this when I went wild camping around Lincolnshire.

Comment: Re:Meet Streisand (Score 2) 307

by Justpin (#48416491) Attached to: UK Hotel Adds Hefty Charge For Bad Reviews Online
£36 can get a weekday travel lodge / premier inn type room. Decent bed, clean sheets working bathrooms. Walls are a tad thin as they are all prefabricated dropped in on a crane on the back of a lorry. But the parking is free. Food is bad though as it is all microwaved. Minimal staff. Years ago you could stay in an F1 hotel in France. Private rooms but shared bathroom facilities. Favourite of bikers and truckers. 15Euro + 3 for breakfast. You got a double bed and a bunk bed above it, TV, sink + 3euro for wifi

Comment: Whoever gives the most brown envelopes (Score 1) 21

The EU will welcome whatever or whoever gives them the most money in the form of brown envelopes. You see this in cars. Under the guise of safety new EU laws are introduced for certain safety and emissions limits. It just so happens that BMW/Mercedes are the ones that can provide vehicles which meet those regs...

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