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Comment: Boycott (Score 1) 87

by Justpin (#49127657) Attached to: Can Tracking Employees Improve Business?
The thing is a lot of people don't realise is that THEY have the power. Simply boycott such companies. If companies are viewed as bad people stop going to them. Tesco is a good example, they had scandal after scandal using workfare free labour, tainted food, bribery and tax evasion but seemed untouchable to the extent they could do whatever they wanted and had the government in their pocket. They always got planning permission and nobody ever investigated them. This happened from 2001-2011 then people got tired of them and a small number of consumers went elsewhere pushing most of their stores into unprofitably. As a result they fired more staff and whipped them harder which made even more people hate them. People went elsewhere and they are in serious trouble now. For instance I don't like ZHC (at will in the US) so I don't patronise any companies or organisations that use this sort of labour. I also don't like Ford cars as I bought a brand new one and it fell apart before my eyes. They will never get a penny off me again. Or shitty tactics like turbo tax thing. Never get any money again from me. But you complain.... yet still buy again from them are they going to take your complaints seriously? Unless of course there is a total monopoly on a product.

Comment: Re:Enjoy life (Score 1) 389

by Justpin (#49076915) Attached to: What To Do After Robots Take Your Job
Revolt? In the past body guards of tyrants would join in the revolution often in Roman times they were the assassins. But if robotisation gets so advanced then what stops the political class living in compounds guarded by auto gun turrets which use lasers (so fewer moving parts and less maintenance and ammo costs) with killer robots to suppress crowds? Look at 1989 in China they locked the local Beijing Garrison and brought troops from many provinces away to suppress the Tienanmen sq protests.

Comment: Re:Big Data (Score 2) 439

by Justpin (#49059361) Attached to: Will Submarines Soon Become As Obsolete As the Battleship?
The weird thing is the battleship may well make a come back. As air defences improve and use hit scan type lasers vs hard kill munitions. Air power may become less effective over time. Take for instance the Harpoon, it's comparatively slow compared to the Russian stuff. But it is designed to be fired in huge numbers to overwhelm air defence systems. I remember Red Storm rising that a critical weakness of the Tico class was that it had a limited ammunition supply. While a battleship with a CIWS which has unlimited shots and can track super fast targets kind of cripples airpower and missiles (or is advertised to do so).

Comment: TNSTAAFL! (Score 1) 517

by Justpin (#48996613) Attached to: The US Navy Wants More Railguns and Lasers, Less Gunpowder
In that sure you remove gun powder... but you still need to get the energy from somewhere to power those lasers/railguns. Unless your ship has a nuclear reactor on board won't this generally mean having to carry a whole load of additional fuel? Granted some fuels have higher energy densities. But doesn't this just transfer risk away from ship magazines to the fuel tanks instead?

Comment: Re:shotgun (Score 1) 208

by Justpin (#48864217) Attached to: US Army Wants Weapon To Destroy Drone Swarms
Because if they can fly and move in all directions they can become dangerous. For example an artillery shell/mortar has to travel in a ballistic path so if you park your tent behind a cliff face unless it is very high arc artillery you can't be hit. A mini drone can fly around the hill in a manner an artillery shell or mortar cant and into your tent with soft squishy humans in it then explode.

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