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Comment: So they were right all along? (Score 0) 428

by JustNiz (#48610029) Attached to: Federal Court Nixes Weeks of Warrantless Video Surveillance

>> because Vargas was an undocumented immigrant

Sorry but as a LEGAL immigrant myself, I think this guy gave up any rights when he illegally entered. I also think the cops/feds/whoever should have just locked him up or deported him as soon as they knew he was illegal.

>> They used the video surveillance to obtain a warrant to search his home, which uncovered drugs and guns,

So the cops suspicions were actually right all along then.

In this case and others like it, I think any ruling that supports illegal immigrants that are in posession of drugs and illegal guns is clearly a stupid one.

Comment: suck it up and lets move on people. (Score 1) 47

by JustNiz (#48601761) Attached to: Sir Richard Branson Quietly Shelves Virgin Submarine Plan

>> his plan ... for trips to the edge of space is in jeopardy after the craft crashed during a test flight, killing a pilot.

This is ridiculous. One death and a whole project is in jepaoardy? If previoyus generation had been so risk-averse, the whole of mankind would have never have gotten anywhere. No cars, planes, or even basic surgery.
Suck it up, learn from it and and lets move on, people.

Comment: This (Score 1) 512

by JustNiz (#48583493) Attached to: Once Again, Baltimore Police Arrest a Person For Recording Them

>>> What can people do to curb this problem?

Its very telling that the police force themselves aren't taking any disciplinary or other corrective action on the officers that keep doing this even though they have been told not to.

Conseuqently as the local police chief apparently can't/won't control their own officers to follow the law, the only practical option is to keep legally filming them and then suieing them for everything you can throw at them if they stop you and especially if they illegally mess with and damage your property (i.e. delete files from your phone). That way the economic impact alone will eventually force them to have to change.

I believe but am not 100% sure that you also have every legal right to demand to see a search warrant before you hand your phone over, but of course if you go against a cop in the street, they will probably make your day at least very inconvenient, even if you are actually right.

Comment: Re:Compared to Catalyst 13.12? (Score 0) 73

>> Of course, anyone but the absolute most stalwart AMD fan already knew their drivers were rubbish,

I completely agree, however it seems that AMD's customer base is mostly just a cult of drooling fanbois that won't ever agree with anything that is less than stellar praise of AMD and their products, or ever believe that any other manufacturer could ever make anything better.

Its probably a self-fulfilling prohecy that most current AMD customers are like that, because anyone with some actual knowledge of differnet GPUs built up from first-hand experience will have already decided to never buy another AMD product, especially if they are a Linux user.

Comment: What did you expect? (Score 1) 250

by JustNiz (#48526701) Attached to: Apple Accused of Deleting Songs From iPods Without Users' Knowledge

I have literally NO sympathy for complainers that purchase products even knowing ahead of time that they lock you into monoculture that is arbitrarily and completely controlled by a company with a long history of abusing their own customers (e.g. Apple, Microsoft, Sony).

Are they simply meeting the definition of insanity (same action different result) or do they just have such a ridiculously overinflated ego that they seriously expect to be treated better than all the other previously abused customers?

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