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Comment Re:Kyle worked at a grow (Score 1) 87

Yeah I've heard different people make exactly the same claim about what ever their favourite genre of music happens to be, including blues, country and western, pop, prog rock, and heavy metal, being the one true musical genre or whatever.

I think the problem exists because people think of rap as music in the first place, when It obviously isn't. its street poetry set to music that is often sampled/mixed/ripped off from somewhere else, so not even trying to be original, which is normally one of the most important criteria for all other forms of music. Most rap artists don't know any music theory and can't play musical instruments or even sing, so its not about creating new music. Its all about the words, hence its poetry not music. No one will admit that though because being into poetry is not exactly considered a masculine trait.

The thing is, rap seems to be very narrow as a genre. Have you not noticed how eerily similar all the drum tracks are between most rap "music"?, or how it sees almost compulsory that all rappers perform with exactly the same fake gangsta accent? Unfortunately the only thing keeping rap alive is commercialism, not musical talent. There is literally no real musical creativity going on in the rap genre which is why rap is not only not music, but is inevitably destined to implode. Personally I can't wait.

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>> Are you saying rap music is just a fad that has outlived its time?

Yes. Exactly. Rap is just like every other commercially motivated music form through the last 100 years at least.
look at all the biggest trends/musical fads of the last century as an example. Before 1900 classical was the mainstream thing to listen to, then by maybe 1910 it was Swing Band, then in the 1930's Jazz, up to 1950's Rock n Roll, then 60's beatle-type pop, then 70's Disco and Rock, then late 70's Punk, then early 80's New Wave/Electronic, then late 80's/90's Indie and New age, etc etc. I know the above is a very massive generalization but you get my point. Each musical mainstream style has only a few years period which was definitely identifiable as being their time. I don;t know why anyone would think Rap would be any different.
Personally I can't wait for the next thing whatever it is to get here ASAP and bury rap underground where it belongs.

Comment Re:Kyle worked at a grow (Score 1) 87

>> Like hippy shirts and corduroy pants being a stereotype linked to the 60's/70's, verbing our nouns (see what I did there?!) is similarly linked to the '00's.

Unfortunately "verbing our nouns" is unlike the fashion examples you mentioned in the single most important respect: It doesn't have the good taste to only exist in the same decade as when it was considered "cool". I like to call that the rap phenomenon.

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