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Comment Re:Oh good, a reason (Score 1) 323

Interesting. For me the most blatantly obviously unelectable person is Clinton, but the bottom line is that all career politicians are as corrupt as hell and are all untrustworthy. They need to be to even get where they are.
At least Trump isn't a career politician and I think thats what is actually attracting most of his supporters to him. in Iowa, a state that is a very bad fit for Trump, he won second place and only a couple of percentage points behind Cruz who got caught putting a fix in, so I think your claim that Trump is so unelectable it hurts is very naieve, especially this early on.

Comment Re:better off without it (Score 1) 337

I completely understand the concept of supply and demand.
My point was that the current demand is based on a marketing fad, not on actual value.
Even assuming you're right (which I doubt) about the cost to Tesla of the batteries alone being 30k per car, at 132k you're still paying over 100k for the rest of the car, which is insane.

Comment Re:I can't see it (Score 1) 172

Not true unless you buy all new hardware that supports it, and combines the router and modem into a single unit.

I like many people have a separate wifi router connected to a cable modem. My router is a fairly new one so supports firewalling the wifi, but even so, anyone with that setup can;t help but be the same: The traffic going to/from the internet is aggregated by the router and NAT before it even hits the modem, so there is no way for the modem or anything upstream to even be able to tell what individual packets are what user's (at least without doing something like SPI and even that would be unreliable).

Comment I can't see it (Score 2) 172

Seriously I just can't see it ever happening other than by it being forced on broadband customers, or it being the default setting on all routers and there being enough ignorant owners who don't know to turn it off.(kinda like the "all computers come with windows" model).

Even on routers that segregate wifi clients outside the LAN firewall, the charming person sitting in their car outside your house and surfing child porn sites is still doing so through your IP address. Good luck trying to explain that to the technically clueless judge.

Also the first time your netflix movie is laggy or you keep dying in your favourite online FPS because someone across the street is free-loading a significant chunk of your bandwidth is when you will turn off public access and leave it off.

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