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Comment Re:what a moron (Score 1) 583 583

>> The sad thing is, apparently a lot of Americans would agree, and believe security at any cost is an OK thing.

Yes I've also noticed exactly that. It seems to me that its mostly women that are not only happy to give up all freedom but actively want everything fully controlled by the government. I honestly wonder why thats true, why they trust the system so much, and what they are thinking. or not.

Comment what a moron (Score 1) 583 583

Lisa Monaco is a cluleless moron.

>> "he should ... Challenge it, speak out, engage in a constructive act of protest, and â" importantly â" accept the consequences of his actions"

Read: he should point out our faults then just let us take whatever revenge we feel like.

She is a total moron. How do such people ever get such responsible jobs?

Comment Re:credit to slashdot and brianna for doing this (Score 1) 555 555

Interesting. I haven't seen quite the same in terms of female developers usually being better than average, but I've definitely seen that female developers are very rarely average. I worked as a contractor for a while so saw a lot of different cube farms and the pattern of female developers I kept seeing almost exclusively, is either "good to very good" (but never the best) or more often "very bad but the boss has a blind spot and/or keeps giving her free passes apparently just because she's female".

Comment Re:credit to slashdot and brianna for doing this (Score 4, Insightful) 555 555

>> obviously, the tech world has a problem with sexism.

Sorry but its very not obvious to me.
I've worked as a software developer for 35 years, for many different employers in several different fields and countries, and haven't yet seen anything other than environments that encourage women developers, treat and pay them equally, and mostly actually cut them more slack than the guys get.
The girls were obviously getting an easier time than guys during my CS degree at university too.

Comment she's just another man hater. (Score 4, Insightful) 555 555

This line shows it all for me:

"The truth is, if you are a woman, and someone threatens to murder you online, it's overwhelmingly likely that no help is coming, and you're on your own."

Why is she making this a gender-specific issue?
Does anyone else see the inherent sexism and wrongness of her thinking here?

Unfortunately this is just another perfect example of a massive problem in society now from many women and most PeeCee media outlets blatantly promoting the idea that a politically correct society just automatically understands that a women's life and rights are somehow intrinsically more valuable/important than a man's, so women should get extra special protection just because vagina.

Comment Other drivers have hit us 14 times (Score 0) 549 549

I've been driving for 35 years, Most of that time I've lived in or near major cities/traffic, driven to work and back every day, and in all that time have only ever been rear-ended once (by a dumb woman paying more attention to her Google smart phone than driving her giant SUV).

I was initially thought this must be a ridiculous stat that Google have made up in a lame attempt to justify getting human drivers off the road, but If the figure is actually true then something else must also be going on with that car, and/or the unpredictable way its driving. For me thats good enough reason on its own to make self-driving cars illegal and get them off the road.

Comment Re:spam is not even close to the real problem (Score 1) 151 151

>> I will go to any extent necessary, to never allow this on my vehicle.

I completely echo your sentiment but already see that the car manufacturers and legislators are already removing such freedoms of choice from us. New US laws have already been made that all new cars must include tech to spy on drivers and new tech is being added to remotely control cars.

I quite seriously expect the value of old pre-computerized cars to go up significantly just because of stuff like this, however you can bet the legislators will also keep finding new ways to get cars they cant spy with or control off the roads.

Comment US needs to end support for Isreal. (Score 0) 459 459

Netanyahu is a warmongering idiot. All he ever seems to do is passive-agressively invent reasons/excuses to stir up more shit and more reasons to use military force against muslims and steal more land.

I'm not suggesting the muslims are white as snow either but it boggles my mind why the US keeps sending money/arms to Israel and automatically backs them up no matter how blatantly they make trouble.

Israel is like the irritating little kid in the school playground that makes everyones lives hell, and only avoids getting a well-deserved pasting because he has a giant brother and knows to never go anywhere alone.

Comment spam is not even close to the real problem (Score 1) 151 151

>> you might start wondering to what extent the data you generate while driving might be analyzed or shared with advertisers.

Fuck advertisers. I'm FAR more worried about them sharing it with my insurance company and law enforcement.

This is basically a way to force you to have the equivalent of one of those "safe driving" widgets in your OBD2 port all the time, and to completely automate sending you speeding tickets for every small infraction.

Comment wierd science (Score 1) 285 285

>> per capita driving has peaked in the U.S

citation please. ..and anyway even if per-capita driving ratio has peaked, the number of 'capitas' is still growing i.e. the US population is still growing, (atlhough admittedly not by much) and the average age of cars on the road is rising, so the net result is we're still seeing an increasing number of cars on the road year-on-year:

Comment Can do nothing but up demand for real rhino (Score 1) 202 202

1) The artificial rhino horn has no more real benefit than the real one: Ignorant chinese masses will never question their long held beliefs so will just conclude the artificial horn doesn't work as well as the real one so demand for real rhino horn (and poaching) increases.
they make an artificial rhino horn that has more (i.e. actually has some) benefit than the real one because they also included actual drugs in the mix. Ignorant chinese masses have their dumb belief that rhino horn actually does something confirmed so demand for real rhino horn (and poaching) increases.

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