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Comment: The software is clearly very basic (Score 1) 74

>> In particular, the algorithm points out that Norman Rockwell's Shuffleton's Barber Shop painted in 1950 is remarkably similar to Frederic Bazille's Studio 9 Rue de la Condamine painted 80 years before.

Not at all. Apart from both being of (different sized) rooms painted from an approximately similar angle, there really is nothing else that is the same about the two paintings. It would appear that the computer is keying only off of very large features such as a general observation that a large lightsource of a simliar size and location is in both (but in one painting its half a window which is really a secondary subject, and in the other, a doorway to a room with a light in that is the primary subject). If the computer can only make decisions based on such broad generalisations, it really is pretty much useless.

Comment: People aren't open-minded enough for this to work (Score 1) 377

by JustNiz (#47696587) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Would You Pay For Websites Without Trolls?

That idea won't be effective at all. All that this will do is become another forum for sanitized mediocre groupthink.

The problem is that on most public websites, someone genuinely posting a polite, well-reasoned yet strongly contrary viewpoint will often still get marked as flamebait or trolling just because there are apparently a surprisingly high percentage of closed-minded people that just can't abide even the existence of any viewpoint that is much different from theirs, or the social norm.

You don't even need to leave this site to find plenty of great examples of that effect in action.

If you give those people even more power, they would just delete everything that doesn't fit their wold view, so the only thing left on the website would quickly become just all the uncontroversial politically correct unintelligent mush.

Comment: Whats wrong with (Score 1) 382

by JustNiz (#47648447) Attached to: DARPA Wants To Kill the Password

a finger ring (or better yet an implant) with a unique RFID chip in it.
If the chip is not in close proximity to the computer keyboard, the compuiter immediately lockscreens.

An API to read the unique code of the user's chip would be avaiable to online apps too, so websites can use the same system to authenticate.

For extra security, the ring/implant could also continuously detect the wearer's presence and life, possibly with biometrics as simple as confirming the users pulse. If the signal is disrupted the implant can assume it is no longer secure until its reauthenticated.

Comment: Re:Flexibility, security, privacy (Score 1) 337

by JustNiz (#47648343) Attached to: Microsoft Surface Drowning?

>> Apple wants lockin,

So does Microsoft. Look at their history, they on purpose ignore any existing standards and make their own incompatible versions of everything (that in most cases are also significantly functionally worse). They are doing that exactly to be able to create and control a walled garden. But you really can't blame Microsoft (or Apple) for finding ways to continue to rip people off as long as there are maroons that will continue to buy their products.

The ones to blame are the persistent Microsoft customers (I'm looking at you, IT depeartment heads) that prefer to keep cluelessly paying through the nose for shit products, even though there is nearly always a more functional, more useful, easier to use, more standard, more open and often even free alternative.

Comment: Re:Not so stupid, just not ready yet. (Score 1) 406

by JustNiz (#47619841) Attached to: Idiot Leaves Driver's Seat In Self-Driving Infiniti, On the Highway

>> or when people just don't see the value in buying one.

In all cases where people don't spend their money the way the government wants, legislation gets very quickly enacted to make sure that all the stuff that people would actually prefer to buy becomes either taxed to death or just outright illegal. Groups like MADD are probably already planning and fundraising to push such legislation through with as much money as it takes.

Of course the gov. will find a way to claim its all about saving lives or any other excuse to avoid admitting its actually all about making more money/votes from special interest groups at the cost of all of our freedoms of choice.

Once the self-driving legislation is in place, they will then quickly focus on making it illegal for humans to drive at all, and also illegal for all new cars to even have controls that make it possible to manually drive them.

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