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Comment: Re:Security? (Score 1) 210

by JustKidding (#27573919) Attached to: Computer-Controlled Cargo Sailing Vessels Go Slow, Frugal

A ship could use an impeller instead of a regular propeller to make the cables / nets option a lot more difficult.

Towing the ship in circles wouldn't be very difficult, until the ships computers start compensating, raise the alarm and throttle up a bit. As far as I know, the Somali pirates mostly use small boats, not impressively powerful towing boats.

Maybe they should just start using some flags on autonomous ships indicating they are equipped with automatic defense systems.

Comment: Re:sourcing the problem (Score 1) 212

by JustKidding (#27059333) Attached to: Tigger.A Trojan Quietly Steals Stock Traders' Data

I guess the perpetrators might be found by correlating the buyer/seller data from a number of cases where fraud is reported.

The perpetrators could try to make this more difficult by making the data harder to correlate; pump some stocks that they don't buy or sell, pump some stocks, but intentionally sell outside the obvious window of opportunity, possible at a (small) loss, using multiple, unrelated accounts to buy and sell the stock, etc.

That way, the detectives have to try to find multiple unrelated perpetrators (from their point of view, because of the separate accounts), that have made a significant profit in some of these cases.

I think it's going to take a whole lot of very interesting data mining to find them, based on the stock data only.

Comment: Re:Bam! Power Supply (Score 1) 312

by JustKidding (#26381703) Attached to: Asus Reveals the Eee Keyboard

This device seems almost completely useless to me for on-the-go anything, unless you also bring along a seperate LCD, which ofcourse needs power, because of the placement of the touchscreen.

I can only imagine the neck strain from looking at the far right of the keyboard to see what I'm typing. If the screen was in the center, or detachable (and re-attachable at the top) it just might be useful.

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