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Comment Re:"quality of finish" does anybody really care? (Score 1) 126

"Quality of finish" includes things like whether the seam between face and sides is smooth, if edges are nicely beveled, etc. Almost everyone cares about such things in the sense that you (at minimum subconsciously) evaluate those things when you see an object for the first time. Can you tell at a glance which swag t-shirt costs $5 versus $0.50? Guess what: quality of finish makes a difference to you.

Comment Re:another vaccine (Score 1) 94

And it's not a big deal for a young healthy person to get it...

In particularly nasty flus, a young healthy immune system is more likely to trigger a cytokine storm, a potentially lethal situation. Little kids, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems are more likely to survive the really bad influenzas than your average otherwise healthy person.

Comment Fast adoption certain! (Score 4, Informative) 92

Its predecessor, Lollipop, clawed it way to 18.1% share in just 9 short months! In fact, Android versions released since October 2013 (KitKat) account for a whopping 57.4 share! With quick adoption like that, you should plan to upgrade your current phone to Marshmallow any day now.

(Achievement unlocked: I typed that whole thing with a straight face.)

Comment Re:Probably just not optimized yet (Score 2) 316

It's good these posts come out, but having worked with it, it's probably just a case of some calls that didn't check for the telemetry lockdown registry key.

Oh, so it's just a case of them not having integration tests. That's not exactly comforting in an OS vendor.

Comment Re:Ooops, misread the headline (Score 1) 457

We get what we deserve because we let the free market reign supreme where the most cut throated business-people win and the rest go down the drain

Oh yes, I'd much rather have a centrally planned technology base, because the best ideas always come out of committees and government procurement processes.

Comment Re:A Simple Issue (Score 2) 519

Try spending as much time on creative and entertaining ads as you do in trying to come up with new and more obnoxious pop-ups.

You know, there's an annual advertising gala disguised as a sports event, and a lot of people watch it for the commercials! It is possible to make people want to see your ads, but it takes more effort than bitching about the freeloaders who don't want to punch the monkey.

Comment Re:Hopefully, yes... (Score 1) 519

At which point someone on slashdot pops in and says "you're all a bunch of worthless freeloaders [...]"

Truth be told, I honor requests from otherwise reputable sites that ask nicely. My local newspaper's site politely asked if I would please consider disabling my blocker for their site so that they could afford to continue paying reporters and such. OK, that's a fair trade and I'm happy to do it. Don't tell me to disable it, though. That's unlikely to have the desired result.

Comment Re:There are Ads and then there are Fucking Ads. (Score 5, Insightful) 519

I didn't block them for the longest time because I was willing to look at the dumb ads as the price of free content I enjoy. I gave up and clicked the checkbox when Slashdot's ads went full jackass, and installed ABP when Slashdot (temporarily?) stopped honoring the checkbox. Yes, that's right: I installed ABP because of Slashdot.

Slow golf clap. Well done, corporate overlords.

Comment Re:Simple, no malice from Lenovo (Score 4, Insightful) 163

but they could at least prompt you with a message like "We detected that you are running a fresh installation of windows, would you like to install our software to improve the performances of your computer and fix known hardware problems ?"

Yeah, no. Because even then they're injecting unknown code into your otherwise pristine environment; that dialog ain't gonna display itself.

In the situation where the user has explicitly gone out of their way to install a clean OS, it's a fairly safe bet that they're expecting to boot into a clean freaking OS, not a "mostly clean except what the hardware vendor dicked around with" system. I don't want the Western Digital BIOS injecting a SATA driver update, or my keyboard injecting a keyboard driver update, or my laptop injecting a laptop driver update. If I'm capable of laying down a clean image, I'm capable of installing all that stuff myself if I want it.

Comment Re:"cost online publishers" - TANSTAAFL (Score 2) 528

I agree completely. I'm OK with seeing a few ads if they support the free content I want to access. If that's the business model we're going with, then so be it. Slashdot itself broke my own camel's back, though, with the amount of crap I saw even after I clicked "Ads Disabled" (because of the amount of crap I was seeing). My decision was reinforced after the most recent monthly session of Dad Cleans Up The Kids' Gaming PC from all the junkware they'd installed (my youngest is 7; sometimes he doesn't make the best choices).

Sorry, ad industry. I was willing to work with you but you made it too hard to accept. This is your own fault.

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