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+ - Blades of Exile (Fantasy RPG) Source Code Released

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spidweb writes "Spiderweb Software has released the source code to its fairly successful fantasy RPG from the previous century, Blades of Exile. Blades of Exile is a powerful adventure creation kit. The game came with three full length scenarios, and many more were developed with its editor. (The editor source code is also available.) Aspiring game developers who want a framework for their own titles or who want to see how a profitable game can be put together on a low budget might be interested. The code and data files can be downloaded at .html"

TiVo Awarded Patent For Password You Can't Hack 291

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Davis Freeberg writes "TiVo has always been known for thinking outside of the box, but this week they were awarded an unusual patent related to locking down content on their hard drives. According to the patent, they've invented a way to create password security that is so tough, it would take you longer than the life of a hard drive in order to figure it out. They could be using this technology to prevent the sharing of content or it could be related to their advertising or guide data, but if their encryption technology is really that good, it's an interesting solution for solving the problem of securing networks."

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