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Comment: Re:It's actually a nice feature. (Score 1) 93

by Jupix (#48863205) Attached to: Steam Broadcasting Now Open To Everyone

It's also well implemented. I tried the beta with a friend a few days before the final release. It has a way shorter delay than Twitch, about 8-10 seconds only (last time I broadcast with Twitch, the delay was something like double that). It was also very stable and bandwidth-efficient, both for the broadcaster and the viewer. It didn't stop to buffer even once during our test stream which was on full quality (I think about 3000kbps - a very nice quality 1080p gamestream). Both of us were on quite normal broadband connections, and quite regularly suffer unstable streams with Twitch. I think the only criticism from the broadcasting side was that it caused some microstuttering in some games, like Skyrim. In others it doesn't do that. I also doubt it's ever going to be as light as a streaming mechanism as ShadowPlay, but I hope I'll be proven wrong on that one.

Comment: Re:Valve Time (Score 4, Interesting) 93

by Jupix (#48080943) Attached to: Fixing Steam's User Rating Charts

What Steam reviews are actually filled with is information about the games... exactly what you should be interested in, as opposed to a score or a conclusion of some kind.

The aggregate score in the style of "very positive" etc. can be useful in filtering out the genuinely terrible games, but outside of that, not so much. What's needed for decisionmaking is a lot of information, a search engine, and your own thinking. Steam provides descriptions, tags, and now reviews, and for me anyway it's been incredibly easy lately to figure out whether I want to buy a particular game, or at least investigate it closer elsewhere.

Scores are almost completely worthless. Doesn't matter what kind they are (Metacritic, user review average, magazine review score). Steam has already done enough for the scoring system. What is there to fix? IMHO they should concentrate on important things like search, GUI and customer service, all of which are pretty terrible for 2014.

Comment: One day battery life in Apple Watch too? (Score 4, Interesting) 730

by Jupix (#47864909) Attached to: Apple Announces Smartwatch, Bigger iPhones, Mobile Payments

I don't think they mentioned official battery capacity or battery life numbers, but they did say "very easy to charge at night". That tells me it has 1 day of battery just like the Moto 360.

Honestly, the battery is the worst part of smartwatches currently. It ruined the Moto 360 for me and it comes close to ruining to Apple Watch, if it actually is only 1 day.

I would settle for 3 days, my Sony sw2 goes 4 days without charging. I was expecting the same from Apple, looking at the criticisms of the Android Wear watches which are all focused on the 1-2 day battery life. I don't want to charge a watch every night!! I get it, it has a nice screen and it's slim, and it's running a lot of sensors and wireless transactions, but still... just awful battery life!

Comment: The stream was terrible (Score 1) 730

by Jupix (#47864843) Attached to: Apple Announces Smartwatch, Bigger iPhones, Mobile Payments

I hope the phone and watch will work better than their webcast. It was terrible. Worst I've seen in years. You'd think with Apple's resources they could manage a big webstream without dropped connections, website going down, audio tracks on top of one another, constant buffering, etc.

Comment: Re:He's right (Score 1) 266

by Jupix (#47859971) Attached to: John Romero On Reinventing the Shooter

To be fair, it's not quite so dire. There are plenty of shooters that do things differently. Shooters with RPG elements, shooters with stealth elements, shooters with puzzle elements... To ignore those is unfair because your ideas will probably fall into the same category - shooters with a twist (or many twists) to make them a little different than (most of) the shooters that came before.

My favourite shooters over the last few years have been "shooters with a twist". I've still got a backlog of them. There are more coming out all the time, just some are more polished than others, and some fit my tastes better than others. In fact, taking everything into account, I honestly think now is the most exciting time period ever to be a gamer. Powerful gaming hardware readily available, really deep games being made and being successful, big companies taking gaming very seriously, VR finally maturing, DRM as an annoyance has been reduced in a major way since the 2000s, indies are blossoming, PC games are really cheap really fast after release... the list goes on.

90% of any industry is crap, especially in the software industry. It's so easy to make a buck selling promises in the software industry - games included - that a lot of companies do it.

I would be more worried about console hardware limitations, ridiculous budgets and the fact that a lot of shooters have super-dark or gross worldbuilding lately. It's bad enough that the real world is not doing great, now suddenly games have to have grim stories and apocalyptic worlds too. Also, gaming as a hobby is just as uncool as ever.

Comment: Re:gullwing doors (Score 4, Informative) 136

by Jupix (#47193625) Attached to: Tesla Makes Improvements To Model S

Have a look at how a properly designed gullwing door is designed.

When the door is open there is a huge drain to direct water etc. from the roof to the ground (around the actual doorway).

Also when the door is open, the far end of the door is hovering outside the range where water etc. could drip inside the car.

In addition (unlike traditional car doors) when the door is open, it's hovering above the gap, acting as a roof, so that the actual rain doesn't get inside the car either.

Comment: Re:Stop using Youtube (Score 3, Insightful) 306

by Jupix (#46674995) Attached to: Blender Foundation Video Taken Down On YouTube For Copyright Violation

Since Youtube was taken over by Google, server speed has increased immensely, they've moved to HD, they've removed time limits on videos, they've allowed live streaming of shows, they've given away hundreds of millions of dollars through the partnership program they introduced (including many shows that are simply vlogs)... Et cetera.

I have a rather more cynical view of that. Better latency, HD, longer videos and live streaming are basically all just effects of one good thing, better servers. That's probably the only good thing that Google has given to Youtube.

I don't count the partnership program as good. Basically it radically influences channel content for the worse. Either it introduces money, which ruins everything*, or it introduces legal protection from U.S. entities which makes for some pretty bland content**.

* I'm a viewer of some channels that thrive on the partnership program (Drive Network and TotalBiscuit for example) and they all do worse and worse the more money is involved. Instead of being fueled by passion they are fueled by ratings and money. Which is what utterly killed Hollywood and Television for me and got me into Youtube in the first place. Examples from the Drive Network: the three-minute car reviews, which are blatantly not at home on that channel, and the product placement (like Pirelli) / advertisement videos that pop up every once in a while. Examples from TB: where to even begin. Makes videos based solely on the highest ratings, to the point where it comes close to ruining his personal life. Adjusts video content and kills off series based on how much revenue they bring in and not based on what he enjoys playing/shooting, which blatantly shows in his commentary.

** Partnership channels are pretty strictly regulated in regards to what they can show in their videos. They are trying to dodge takedown requests like this one and copyright strikes which may stop their cash intake. So... anything remotely inflammatory or controversial that could be in any way interpreted as slander, copyright infringement, etc... just won't appear on a channel like this any more.

Also: the GP was right about the ridiculous "updates". They're almost all terrible. The layout changes, the default setting changes, the player changes... Just the facts that buffering still doesn't work, quality settings were broken for months, subscriptions break all the time, are all great examples of the incompetency of the devs or the misguided priorities over there. Youtube is constantly becoming more corporate, better at generating revenue, and worse for the users. And users hate it more all the time and only use it because hardly anyone could ever afford to make a better Youtube clone.

The greatest thing Youtube has introduced lately is HTML5 compatibility and I have complete confidence Youtube could've and would've implemented that without Google's "help".

Comment: Re:Still 3K$ for a monitor (Score 3, Informative) 255

by Jupix (#45864233) Attached to: YouTube Goes 4K — and VP9 — At CES

I've actually got a Sony X9005A as a desktop display for my PC and no, the 29Hz refresh rate does not make it "unimpressive". If you're looking for getting impressed then the resolution will vastly overpower the refresh rate. When you have a window-like view to your games, photos etc. you just instinctively ignore the slow refresh.

The worst thing is probably the input lag introduced by the low refresh rate. The thing has one of the lowest input lag scores on the market, but the slow refresh still makes cursor input really laggy. It's not the kind of lag you see but the kind you feel. It's gone if you switch to 1080p, but you won't if you have a 4K panel, will you.

FWIW the Sony supports hdmi 2.0 and thus 4k@60fps, but good luck finding a GPU that outputs it. I'm stuck waiting for the eventual NV GTX 800 series which probably will. NVIDIA haven't even confirmed it.

On the topic of Youtube, I thought they'd supported 4K since 2010. In fact 4K vids on Youtube were one of the first materials I tested my panel on. They stream fine over 24mbps ADSL2 but the bitrate is not great (the vids are noisy).

Comment: Just government surveillance, huh? (Score 2) 293

Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, AOL, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Yahoo, have formed an alliance called Reform Government Surveillance group.

"Government surveillance"? At least the NSA isn't reading my stuff to figure out how to best sell me things...

So what about corporate surveillance? I'm a lot more worried about the snooping being done in this group of corporations.

Actually, clearly I'm not very worried about that either, since I keep using Windows, Google, Facebook etc.

Comment: Re:news media has lost interest? (Score 4, Informative) 513

by Jupix (#44986101) Attached to: Snowden Strikes Again: NSA Mapping Social Connections of US Citizens

Interestingly, major European news outlets aren't running with this either. At least not the ones I checked (BBC in the UK, N24 in Germany, YLE in Finland).

Though that may be more due to the copy & paste culture of major news outlets these days.

However, Russia Today and Japan Times are frontpaging this story just as you would expect.

Comment: Re:Not really (Score 1) 159

by Jupix (#42841979) Attached to: Can Legacy Dual-Core CPUs Drive Modern Graphics Cards?

I don't think the problems are gone from the NVIDIA side. The CPU might drive the GPU well but the motherboard might not. Let me explain.

For the past month I've been reviving an old system originally built for office duties and photo/video editing. That included a move from a PATA HDD to an SSD, and a new GPU. The old GPU was a GTX 280 that had to be underclocked manually at every boot for it to work.

The system is now
ASUS P5K Deluxe Wi-Fi motherboard with Intel P35 chipset
Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 CPU
Chieftec TX series 650W PSU

The system gives no signal even in POST. The system boots normally (I can hear the OS sounds from the speakers and can interact with the OS) but there is never a signal to the monitor. This is with both DVI and HDMI cables. The system and display work fine with the GTX 280, but as soon as I swap in the GTX 650, there's no signal.

The P5K Deluxe has some relevant BIOS settings which I tried to preset before swapping in the new GPU, but that was a no-go.

I tried another PSU, a Chieftec HX series 650W, which I know to be faultless, again no signal. I also tried a recent ATI video card (I think it was a 7550 or 7750) and that gave no signal as well. I also got no signal with a GTX 560 from the same manufacturer as the 650.

The machine works fine-ish with a GTX 280, just not with Kepler GPUs. All of this may just be a non-compatibility between old ASUS motherboards and new GPUs, meaning by default they should work, but the fact remains, the old machine won't work with the new GPU.


+ - Australian Billionaire Plans To Build Titanic II->

Submitted by SchrodingerZ
SchrodingerZ (2576405) writes "Just in time to miss the 100 year anniversary of the fatal voyage of the Titanic; Australian mining billionaire Clive Palmer announced he has plans to recreate the Titanic, calling it Titanic II. "It will be every bit as luxurious as the original Titanic but of course it will have state-of-the-art 21st Century technology and the latest navigation and safety systems," says Palmer. He stated it was to be as close to the original as possible, with some modern adjustments. Its maiden voyage is set for 2016."
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