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Comment: Re:In Europe, they disable phones (Score 1) 204

by JuniorJack (#43702245) Attached to: Smartphones Driving Violent Crime Across US
I don't know for what part of Europe you are talking about, but here in the UK all stolen and blacklisted iPhones are sold openly on Ebay as 'faulty', 'no reception', etc. The sale price is not bad as well, you can do a simple search and check for yourself. Buyers are usually people who export in bulk to other countries where the blacklist do not apply.
Data Storage

+ - cache theory

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "if you want cache hits to more regular and useful, limit the size of cached data to, I guess 32KB, maybe even 64KB. The bigger size data flows right on thru to where it needs to go."

+ - The Bible's mixed messages on sexuality->

Submitted by klchoward
klchoward (1574685) writes "Jennifer Wright Knust, a pastor and author of Unprotected Texts: The Bible's Surprising Contradictions about Sex and Desire, pulls apart the misconceptions about same-sex relationships in the Bible. After reading this, it makes me wonder if religious figures even read the Bible, or at least read these passages."
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Comment: Re:Fermi needs a refresh or v2 (Score 2, Insightful) 132

by JuniorJack (#31637952) Attached to: Nvidia's GF100 Turns Into GeForce GTX 480 and 470

Not to mention the overwhelming lead Nvidia has with GPGPU currently.

We are using GPU's for a number crunching tasks - integer operations. Currently one 5970 (aircooled) outperforms
a computer with 4 x GTX 295, watercooled and overclocked to 725 Mhz each.

NVIDIA has to do really much better with those new cards to win us back


Net Users In Belarus May Soon Have To Register 89

Posted by timothy
from the not-just-register-their-displeasure dept.
Cwix writes "A new law proposed in Belarus would require all net users and online publications to register with the state: 'Belarus' authoritarian leader is promising to toughen regulation of the Internet and its users in an apparent effort to exert control over the last fully free medium in the former Soviet state. He told journalists that a new Internet bill, proposed Tuesday, would require the registration and identification of all online publications and of each Web user, including visitors to Internet cafes. Web service providers would have to report this information to police, courts, and special services.'"

Comment: Re:Pointless (Score 1) 252

by JuniorJack (#28359459) Attached to: UK Government Announces Broadband Tax

"There's no such thing as Society."

Or as my cat puts it: "Me! Me! Me!"

Yes but i already take part by barely watching TV, but paying licence so people like you can
watch the latest 'shot on camcorder' episode of Coronation street. I guess with the 50p tax
you will be able to even catch it on your BBC iPlayer and help clog my speed further ...

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