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+ - First 3D Printed Hybrid Robotic Exoskeleton Helps Paraplegic Woman Walk Again ->

Submitted by concertina226
concertina226 (2447056) writes "A keen skier who was left paralysed from the waist down after an accident can now walk again, thanks to the world's first 3D printed hybrid robotic exoskeleton suit.

Three-dimensional printer makers 3D systems have been working with robotic exoskeleton maker Ekso Bionics to make a custom suit for test pilot Amanda Boxtel, who was paralysed in a fall on the slopes of Aspen, Colorado in 1992."

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Comment: Re:I would still roll back to WindowsXP. (Score 1) 436

by Junior Samples (#41477531) Attached to: Even Windows 8 Users Prefer Windows 7

I prefer Windows XP as well. I played with Windows 7 for a while, but had problems with a new Asus ATI graphics adapter that provides an HDMI output for home theater use. Windows 7 crashed several times producing the "Blue Screen of Death" after the adapter was added. I switched back to Windows XP and haven't had any problems since. I haven't found any compelling reason to use Windows 7. Linux would be my second choice after XP for home theater use.

Comment: Simple Workaround (Score 1) 331

The telephone company listing policies are very flexible. There is no requirement to have your address or location in the listing. Only a name is required, but this can be any name that you select. It doesn't have to be your name. In theory, you could have a listing that states:

Place This Number On Your Do Not Call List . . . . . 607-555-2368

Comment: Reinventing the Wheel (Score 2) 22

by Junior Samples (#40209441) Attached to: Redesigned Cooler Reinvents Tuberculosis Treatment

Why is this news? The picture showed power lines and TV antennas, so they have electricity. A $55 dorm refrigerator will do the job just as well.

Comment: Re:Does Not Support Common Networking Protocols (Score 1) 107

by Junior Samples (#38714342) Attached to: Google TV 2.0 Review, Tweaks, and Screenshots

My ReadyNAS NV has a DLNA server built-in. I played with it for a while. After scanning in the media files, Less than 5% were visible at the DLNA client (Sony XBR9). Only a few of those were playable. The organized directory structure of the media files was lost was lost. The files appeared in an unorganized list with no directories.

I normally use a Popcornhour C200 via NFS to access my media library. No streaming - just direct access. SMB is a little slower than NFS. I had problems with some of the 1080p media with SMB.

Comment: Does Not Support Common Networking Protocols (Score 2) 107

by Junior Samples (#38713124) Attached to: Google TV 2.0 Review, Tweaks, and Screenshots

There was no mention of support for common networking protocols such as CIFS (SMB) or NFS file systems. I need the ability to navigate and play my networked media files just like I can through any computer attached to my network. DLNA was mentioned, but DLNA's file restrictions make the networking protocol totally useless. DLNA is defective by design.

It's nice to see that MKV files are supported, unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any way to directly access the files over a networked connection.

Comment: Re:This one wins the prize (Score 1) 664

by Junior Samples (#36660904) Attached to: Retailer Calls Rivals' Bluff On "HDMI Scam"

Hey, $499 for a new Denon AK-DL1cable is a bargain. Amazon is selling these cables for $9999.00 new and $999.00 refurbished.

And don't forget to check out the amazing reviews for this product:

Comment: Time Warner Cable Cuts iPad Live TV Access 50% (Score 1) 141

by Junior Samples (#35506408) Attached to: Time Warner Cable Launches iPad App With Live TV

Time Warner Cable March 16 slashed the number of channels available for live streaming on the Apple iPad — less than 24 hours after launching the TV Everywhere app.

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