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Submission + - First 3D Printed Hybrid Robotic Exoskeleton Helps Paraplegic Woman Walk Again (

concertina226 writes: A keen skier who was left paralysed from the waist down after an accident can now walk again, thanks to the world's first 3D printed hybrid robotic exoskeleton suit.

Three-dimensional printer makers 3D systems have been working with robotic exoskeleton maker Ekso Bionics to make a custom suit for test pilot Amanda Boxtel, who was paralysed in a fall on the slopes of Aspen, Colorado in 1992.


Submission + - Microsoft Sued Over Vista-To-XP Downgrade Fees 1

Krojack writes: Suit claims the software maker is profiting from a program that allegedly violates antitrust laws. A Los Angeles computer user has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, claiming that fees the software maker and its partners charge for downgrading PCs from Windows Vista to the older XP operating system violate antitrust rules. Emma Alvarado says in court papers that she was forced to pay $59.25 to downgrade a Vista-based Lenovo system she bought last year to XP. Alvarado claims Microsoft is able to impose such fees because of a lack of competition in the PC market.

Submission + - Sky HD Boxes Failing En Mass (

An anonymous reader writes: Here's something Sky was trying to keep under wraps...The broadcasting mega-corporate has very quietly begun contacting thousands of its customers to inform them their Sky HD digiboxes have a major design flaw which necessitates urgent replacement. The problem affects Pace made Sky HD units (the outwardly identical Thomson, Samsung and Amstrad models are fine) and causes gradual damage to the device's hard drive which eventually results in complete failure. The scale of the problem is widespread with an insider revealing to me staff were informed of a "high priority secret project" at the start of the week but not what it entailed until yesterday

Submission + - The Pirate Bay's plans to encrypt the 'net ( 1

Keeper Of Keys writes: According to, The Pirate Bay, those fun- and freedom-loving Swedes, have embarked on a project to encrypt all internet traffic, probably by means of an OS-level wrapper around all network connections, which would fall back to an unencrypted connection when the other end is not similarly equipped. The move has been prompted by a recent change in Swedish law, allowing the authorities to snoop on network traffic.

This will be a boon to filesharers and anyone else concerned about authorities and trade groups' recent moves towards 'policing' network traffic at the ISP level.


Submission + - Pirated XP superior to the real thing (

KrispyXP writes: "One of the annoyances with installing a fresh copy of Windows XP these days is that the driver set is six years out of date, and there's been a LOT of new hardware emerge since then. It's one thing to install the latest graphics driver, but it's another to have to set up everything from the chipset to the storage drivers. Now, a pirated distribution of XP has done what Microsoft hasn't: it has brought XP's driver base completely up-to-date, as well as cutting out all the crap Microsoft ships with XP that nobody wants."
The Courts

Submission + - TorrentSpy shuts down (

Ian Lamont writes: "Legal costs have apparently prompted TorrentSpy's operators to shut it down. The BitTorrent search engine has been fighting the entertainment industry in court for years, and in December lost a copyright infringement case with the MPAA. A note on the TorrentSpy home page said it is shutting down "not due to any court order or agreement," but because of a team decision:

Ultimately the Court demanded actions that in our view were inconsistent with our privacy policy, traditional court rules, and International law; therefore, we now feel compelled to provide the ultimate method of privacy protection for our users — permanent shutdown.

It was a wild ride,

The TorrentSpy Team

Feed Science Daily: A Clearer Picture Of Cloudy Eyes (

A new study provides more insight into cataracts, the leading cause of vision loss and blindness in the elderly, finding that small pieces of a perfectly normal protein become toxic during the aging process. A cataract results from deterioration in the highly ordered assembly of crystallin proteins in the eye lens.


Submission + - Mars Alien/Rock 1

nabeshiniii writes: From the photos sent back from the Mars Explorer Spirit taken in 2004, one technician recently found this interesting shape in the background of one of the images , which is shown here at the Daily Telegraph. The shape was tiny but when the technician enlarged the image to show something like a man (or Big Foot as some people call it). So is it a man or is it a rock? According to some people, if relative size is taken into account, the thing is about the height of an iPod. You make up your own minds about this.
User Journal

Journal Journal: RIP: Street Corner Electronics Hobby

I remember the day. It was Halloween in 1977. I spent some of my saved up allowance to buy an AM Broadcasting Kit at Radio Shack. That's when more than half of the shelves at Radio Shack actually catered to the parts hobby.

Feed The Register: Netgear EVA8000 network media player (

Now with Matroska support

Review The EVA8000 was a high-end product when it was first announced, bundling HDMI with 1080P full HD playback. But the video encoding world moves quickly. The EVA8000 may have been suitable when HD content standards were just emerging, but a few months down the road the situation looks decidedly different.

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