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Comment Doubling the max load is a fallacy (Score 1) 205

A larger power supply consuming more power is a common layman's misconception.
A double-the-load power supply being more efficient is a common gamer's misconception that came from a rule of thumb that is no longer true.

For a power supply to get a 80+ gold rating, it must be independently tested to have at least 90% efficiency at 50% load and 87% efficiency at 20% and 100% load. In the past, when I searched for the actual efficiency curves of Seasonic power supplies I was shopping for, I found that in reality, it's a plateau with less than 1% dropoff until almost reaching 100%.

However, the sub-20% load mark is a different story. There is no efficiency requirement here, and most power supplies have very bad efficiency below 20% load. An overly large power supply can cause your idle usage to fall under the 20% mark. If your max load is 500W and idle is 150W, then a 1200W supply is probably at less than 50% efficient at idle (from most efficiency curves I've seen - ymmv), and that's 150W lost. In this case, I would recommend a 600W or 650W power supply. Definitely nothing over 750W.

Comment Re:Two logic errors (Score 4, Interesting) 417

Well said.

They concluded that for every 3 new jobs in the tech sector, since 1 went to H1B and 2 went to residents, then that H1B created 2 jobs. I kid you not. It's a short article; you can read it yourself. They totally ignore the real question, which is whether all 3 of those new jobs could have been filled by residents. Likewise all upwards trends in tech, incl. wage increases, are attributed to H1B with absolutely nothing backing that correlation - only pretty graphs showing the jobs and wages going up.

Comment Re:The rest of the story ... (Score 1) 363

Are you taking about this?:

Is that what the workers are claiming now that they've been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty? Is that the best excuse they could have come up with for abusing animals? Remember, the owners haven't been charged with anything - after this incident, they fired those workers, installed security cameras, and hired an additional supervisor. The video did exactly what it was suppose to do - fixing the problem and putting in those additional controls. This would not have happened w/o the video.

Now, Mercy for Animals wants to put them out of business, but you know what? Bettencourt's customers seem content with the actions taken and are not doing anything. This is the true lesson of free speech - people will make doomsday predictions about what will happen if you let people say whatever they want, but in reality, people make their own decisions based on the facts presented. What is truly dangerous is information control to deny us the facts to make good decisions and right wrongs.

Comment IBM: King of Patent Trolls (Score 1) 70

IBM has been for many, many years using their patent portfolio offensively to generate revenue. Their favorite targets are mid-sized companies with enough money to make it worth their while but not enough resources to fight them in a prolonged court case nor the will to risk their business on the result of that. The terms of the contract are never released, so it doesn't make the news, but they are VERY well-known for doing this, and if you search the Internet, you will find many articles from solid sources that talk about it. Their success is the reason Microsoft has joined the fray in litigating their patents, so don't be surprised if you start hearing more about MS legal too.

If you are a mid-sized cloud company, beware!

Comment Re:"Forever"? (Score 1) 74

Diamonds are... ;)

Even if some component of the computer, say the power supply, ceases to function, the hard drive or flash chip is still technically infected. Rather than making a more accurate statement, what you have done is make a different but also accurate statement that we don't care if it's infected but not in use currently.

Comment 36 times! (Score 1) 74

ROFL, from the article:
Sometimes, it was hard for ISPs to help consumers clean up their infected computers. Asghari said he spoke to one ISP that contacted the same customer 36 times in an effort to get rid of Conficker.
“Every time the customer would say I’ve cleaned it up, but the infection would return,” he said.

Whom computers would destroy, they must first drive mad.