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Comment: Re:Rather Than in more out (Score 1) 415 415

And for an single tasking appliance, that is fine. Remember the i-opener from Circuit City? Ran a very compact and relatively fast (for the time) QNX with just a crappy browser like application on top of it. Of course, it got hacked around, spawning the "i opened it" small computer/display setups. Quite a few /. articles/postings on this.

Comment: Re:Not really unusual, but... (Score 1) 207 207

I used a similar buzzer to add a "hey id10t you left your lights on" for my '65 Porsche 356. Really not much of a hack, more just figuring it out where to attach it on the fuse block - you want it buzzing if the headlights have power (and each side was on a different fuse) and the ignition switch does not have power thru it.

Comment: Re:I bet they're not. (Score 1) 40 40

I'm still not sure why netflix or the content IP owners would care who is paying the $10/mo for the subscription, where they live, etc. as long as... they get their $10/mo. It doesn't cost 'em any more money than a US based customer, they get the same pay, etc. Of course, I'm thinking logically and not like a lawyer, mba, or sociopathic executive...

Comment: Re:Who watches this crap? (Score 4, Insightful) 134 134

Depends on how the streamer works. Just watching text appear in an editor with the sound of cheetos being munched? Not very helpful.

But, if there is a running commentary about how they are thinking of solving a particular (sub?) problem, deciding what arguments a function needs, what it needs to return back to the calling location, etc. can certainly help with the "How do I solve a problem" type stuff.


Comment: Re:linux hard to install and use for desktop users (Score 2) 177 177

Of the 7 linux boxes I keep up and running and actually use for something on a very regular basis, 4 of them do not have any flavor of X installed. One of those 4 has a few X libraries installed (for me to one run app over a SSH tunnel on a local X server), but the other 3 are pure command line only.

So how exactly is Linux reliant on X windows?

Granted, a lot of things that a majority of people use a computer for need a windowing environment (a blinking cursor *is* graphical!) but very serviceable Linux machines with no X exist in lots of places.

Comment: Re:Johnny can't get a job (Score 1) 132 132

Which is funny, 'cause I'm converting an AS to a BAS via UCF ... a Real Accredited University, and for cheaper. Sure it was quicker for me to also complete a General Sciences AA first and then hit UCF, but if I hadn't it would've only added 4 extra gen ed classes to my "need to take" list.

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