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Comment pearson & cleartext passwords (Score 1) 25

Not sure on the PearsonVUE side, but the regular Pearson Learning - for access to their publisher created resources/course content - stores passwords as clear text.

I've reported it as a BIG issue to our local sales rep and the regional boss rep, but I don't think anything has been done about it.

Comment Re:Everyone has to learn about it. (Score 4, Interesting) 191

As soon as PHP totally gets rid of the mysql_ family of functions, and forces everyone to convert to mysqli function/objects or PDO, it will fix itself. As a bonus, quite a few folks may make some beer money fixing all of the suddenly broken scripts...

The problem with search results is that the mysql_ functions for a loong time were the only way to do the task, and with the plethora of tutorials/information out there the sheer number of them overwhelm the "new" stuff (mysqli and/or PDO)

Comment Re:Depends... (Score 1) 352

Can you recommend a good IDE for PHP ?

Personally, having a LAMP setup on localhost, with a good text editor (syntax highlighting, multiple docs, etc) and some way of watching the apache error log (hence the konsole terminal at the bottom of kate) is fine for what I do.

But if there is a free IDE that I can Just Use without having to change my work flow, etc. I'm always open to suggestions

Comment Depends... (Score 2) 352

For just opening a terminal on my desktop/laptop, I'm using the default mate-terminal (I run Mint w/ MATE).

However, when I'm coding (usually PHP stuff) I use Kate as my editor, and it can use konsole as a terminal at the bottom of the editor. Instead of toggling back and forth between windows, or even switching my focus from one to another on my dual monitor setup, I can see webserver error logs or whatever right there in the editor.

Comment fileutils (Score 3, Insightful) 74

Well, if you are running on a Linux of Unix/BSD host, you can use the "file" utility.

Of course, that means that you need to have shell_exec() or exec() or whatever your programming language of choice uses for running shell commands, and the other security dangers/issues involved with allowing that type of stuff.

What may be best/easiest/safest would be to NOT allow direct HTTP access to the uploaded files, but rather use a wrapper script that would send appropriate headers to make the browser believe that the file is of the type "x-application/unknown" or whatever content type that will force a "save as" dialog instead of opening with a plugin, auto opening with a local application, etc.

Comment What exactly are you backing up? (Score 4, Informative) 118

What exactly are you backing up? Entire disk images? Or just user files?

If disk images, then something like clonezilla, perhaps set up to boot from a TFTP server. Boot the machine via WOL, kick off the TFTP, automatically dump the image out to a server using the machine name or MAC address or something as a unique identifier

For user files only (ie, My Documents or whatever) can you set up network based home directories ? And then just back up the server they live on.

Comment Re:Too much hype for what it actually is (Score 1) 115

Thinking you can take a object as an external input from anything but a trusted source is asking for trouble.

I think you mean to say

Thinking you can take anything as external input from anything but a trusted source is asking for trouble.

Anyone have that XKCD about Bobby Tables handy?

Comment Re:That's nothing (Score 2) 258

The issue is, human drivers have a strong instinct of self-preservation. Someone who has to decide between the parade and the tree in a split second will probably avoid the tree out of sheer instinct.

Now then, you might think the cool-headed computerized car will make the right decision and kill its occupant. But I can just imagine the following court case: "Your honor, my father's car killed him wilfully. I therefore sue Toyota/BMW/Honda/Google for murder, and for 100 kajillion dollars in damage".

One such court case - especially in the US - will do enormous damage to the entire industry, and might kill it off entirely. And no, the argument that autonomous car create fewer accidents overall won't fly, because somebody's property isn't supposed to kill its owner on purpose. You can bet emotions will run high, and emotions aren't good for rational debates.

Not to mention of course, people will have second thoughts about buying a vehicle that they know can decide to put them in danger for the greater good.

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