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Ahhh... Charties. Start with 990 forms  Tuesday June 23, 2015 @12:27AM  2
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Re:Do It, it worked in AZ  *Thursday March 26, 2015 @12:16AM  2
   attached to Gen Con Threatens To Leave Indianapolis Over Religious Freedom Bill
Re:membrane  *Saturday February 28, 2015 @03:12PM  2
   attached to Methane-Based Life Possible On Titan
Re:verified  *Thursday February 26, 2015 @02:07AM  3
   attached to Reddit Imposes Ban On Sexual Content Posted Without Permission
Get an ADA Siezure Detection Dog  *Wednesday February 11, 2015 @11:17PM  2
   attached to Ask Slashdot: Panic Button a Very Young Child Can Use
Re:Maybe we're in the other brane...  *Friday February 06, 2015 @06:51PM  2
   attached to The Search For Neutrons That Leak Into Our World From Other Universes
Re:uhhh  *Tuesday February 03, 2015 @07:34PM 1 3, Informative
   attached to Deep-Sea Microorganism Hasn't Evolved For Over 2 Billion Years
Re:Bitcoin isn't money but it's still a financial   *Thursday July 10, 2014 @08:30AM  2
   attached to Judge Shoots Down "Bitcoin Isn't Money" Argument In Silk Road Trial
Re:Ugg the diversity brigade strikes again  *Friday May 23, 2014 @05:13PM  2
   attached to Facebook Refuses To Share Employee Race and Gender Data
Paper not finished nor peer reviewed  *Sunday May 11, 2014 @08:29AM  2
   attached to Traffic Optimization: Cyclists Should Roll Past Stop Signs, Pause At Red Lights
Re:Where are the 3.5" SSDs?  *Saturday May 03, 2014 @04:49PM  2
   attached to SanDisk Announces 4TB SSD, Plans For 8TB Next Year
Homeless for 6 year or 30 years  *Thursday April 17, 2014 @02:05AM 1 2
   attached to GoPro Project Claims Technology Is Making People Lose Empathy For Homeless
Re:Fatter?  *Wednesday January 23, 2013 @12:02AM 1 1
   attached to Robot Serves Up 360 Hamburgers Per Hour
Re:FYI: that wooshing sound you hear...  *Wednesday January 23, 2013 @12:31AM 1 2
   attached to Microsoft May Invest $1B-$3B In Dell Buyout
What is /.'s pick?  *Tuesday August 14, 2012 @10:08PM  3
   attached to Vote On What the Very Large Telescope Observes
Re:Good  *Tuesday August 14, 2012 @09:51PM 1 2
   attached to Ecuador To Grant Assange Political Asylum
How is he going to do that?  *Thursday July 26, 2012 @11:52AM  2
   attached to Spanish Superjudge To Represent Assange
Re:Easier headline...  *Monday July 23, 2012 @11:56PM 1 5, Funny
   attached to Being Honest In Exit Interviews Is Pointless
Because I don't putz with my distro  *Monday June 11, 2012 @11:50AM  2
   attached to Ask Slashdot: Why Aren't You Running KDE?
Re:WHAT?!?  *Thursday April 12, 2012 @10:20PM  2
   attached to Data Center Staff Will Sleep Among the Racks For London Olympics
Keep work & personal life separate  *Wednesday April 11, 2012 @09:18PM  2
   attached to Ask Slashdot: My Company Wants Me To Astroturf, Should I?
Re:Solution  *Thursday March 29, 2012 @04:16AM  2
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Re:Does that include cost of training and transiti  *Wednesday March 28, 2012 @11:05PM 1 2
   attached to Munich Has Saved €4M So Far After Switch To Linux
cheat, steal, and even disobey traffic laws  *Monday February 27, 2012 @06:38PM  2
   attached to Are Rich People Less Moral?