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Comment: Re:The DEA is just doing their job (Score 1) 577

Nope they do not prohibit possession of firearms. They are restricted in a number of ways and concealed carry generally is not allowed. That said there are plenty of fully automatic rifles in the hands of criminals and others.
banning something has little effect on the non law abiding. Look at the speed limits in the US they are designed with the assumption that they will be broken by people going about 7% over the posted limit.

Comment: Re:I won't be buying one... (Score 2) 632

by JumpSuit Boy (#43585109) Attached to: New Smart Gun Company Hopes To Begin Production This Summer

Pistols and most other firearms are made to function for tens of thousands rounds with out parts wearing out. Here is an example of a pistol being fired 50,000 times with cleanings at every 7,000 rounds and a few springs at each 10,000 proactively. Nothing was broken during that time. This an extreme case but he has done this with a number of other models and has gotten similar (but not quite as good) results.

Firearms that have been used for generations and that are still functioning fine are the norm and not the exception.

As to ammunition contamination we are a 100 years since getting your powder wet was an issue. Modern brass cased cartridges are pretty well sealed up solid with crimping of both the primers and actual bullet. In the case of defensive and military ammunition they add extra sealant sometimes for an extra measure. For an example of how little effect even things like penetrating oil has read the following.

Comment: Have the police and military use it first. (Score 1) 632

by JumpSuit Boy (#43582623) Attached to: New Smart Gun Company Hopes To Begin Production This Summer

Given that most firearms technology starts with the military and then spreads out to the civilan market Congress should require this technology for the military. Also since the police are becoming most militarized they should also use. When it is good enough for the Special Forces and the Secret Service protective details I might consider it.

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