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Comment Re:King Julian, of course (Score 1) 191

Could've just said me but ... "I did it! Give me some love! The plan worked! The plan worked! I'm very clever! I'm the one, baby! Come on, time to robot! (robotic voice) I am very clever king. Tok tok tok tok tok. I am super genius. I am robot king of the monkey thing. Compute, compute."

Comment Re:On loan??? (Score 1) 118

I too am quite surprised to hear that he had these things in his possession. I'm not thinking about the "stolen" label but more about the thought that everything that was in/on the "mission" would've been logged, tagged and bagged on arrival back on terrafirma. After all there were some pretty strict procedures in force around and during these "missions". Does anyone else think that this is a little odd? I've put quotes around the missions as I'm a believer that something isn't quite right about the whole lunar excursions.

Comment Re:Not surprised they are going this. (Score 2) 109

Yeah I wish that this had been the direction that everyone had gone back in the 50's. The US had that option but of course weaponisation was a key part of the economy and security back that way. So here we are staring down the barrel of a loaded shotgun wondering if it's loaded this time round. Thorium reactors might not be 100% clean but at least the result is far easier to store and contain and the reaction stops when you flick the switch so to speak. This is one of the times when I say "Go China!"

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