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Comment: sports is the only reason for cable (Score 1) 447

by JulianDraak (#37541806) Attached to: The Cable Industry's a La Carte Bait and Switch
It would be nice if I could just have Versus, ESPN channels, & my local sports cable channel (Root Sports, formerly FSN Pittsburgh.) Only reason I have cable is for hockey & football. If I could just get sport channels & then get a digital receiver for my local channels, I'd be pretty happy. Netflix & Hulu the rest.

Comment: Re:Welcome to 1998 (Score 1) 83

by JulianDraak (#36125172) Attached to: <em>L.A. Noire</em> 'Blurs the Line' Between Story and Game
So it was a happy accident. Did you play HL when it was relatively new? As far as FPS games go it was revolutionary. HL2 was a very good sequel and I love what Valve's doing now, but to me it was the first FPS game that I played that was more than searching for keys and shooting monsters.

Comment: Punishes small businesses & rural areas (Score 1) 932

by JulianDraak (#36039628) Attached to: Draft Proposal Would Create Agency To Tax Cars By the Mile
People who drive more miles pay enough by buying gas @ the pumps. A lot of small businesses already need to use trucks & vans with bad fuel efficiency to haul whatever goods they have, because a little 4 seat electric car isn't going to haul a grand piano or a bunch of extension ladders, 2 by 4s, and scaffolding. These people are already hurting the most from gas. This plan would basically stick it to people that are hurt most by gas prices in order to give the few people who are hurt least by gas prices a price break. That's totally ridiculous.

Comment: Google needs to improve what they already have (Score 1) 205

by JulianDraak (#35657746) Attached to: Page Can't Turn Back Clock At Google
Their products seem redundant. Wave, buzz, orkut. . . Google talk, voice, and mail should all be one integrated service. Everything could be far more integrated, with iGoogle as a sort of command center. I should be able to start coding projects in Google Docs, or store my medical records. . . instead of having different places for them. Why are picnick and picasa two different services? Why is there both Google Video and Youtube? They've got all these different products yet the integration sucks. Being able to log into my google account isn't real integration. What I love about Google is that I can have an iGoogle set up that comes up with my documents, my reader, my calendar, my email, and other useful things. I want more of that. I want it to be easier, and less messy, and work better. The gmail widget for iGoogle kind of sucks. I want Google's services to be simple, smooth, and not convoluted as they are right now. Google's like a really messy fridge. Tidy it up. Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe. . . people will start using Orkut instead of Facebook if all this wasn't quite so messy. Heck, Google wouldn't really need Orkut if everything was properly integrated. They've also got some great ideas that they completely half-ass. Chrome bookmark syncing is only useful if you have two computers that you exclusively use. On public and shared computers it's completely useless because all of your history and bookmarks remain in the browser after you log-out. Android needs to improve. If you install a better browser or keyboard, you should be able to uninstall the original Google stuff. There's individual problems there as well. For 3G&4G users with limited plans there needs to be a quick and easy way to turn images on and off, and perhaps have website specific rules with images. .

Comment: Re:Uh, no (Score 2) 815

by JulianDraak (#34983222) Attached to: Italian Scientists Demonstrate Cold Fusion?
If you throw a match into the powder room of a pirate ship, the energy output is far more than your energy input. That's because there's a secondary energy input- the powder. The match works as a catalyst to a reaction, much as I assume the 400 W here would (if it works, which I'm guessing it doesn't, but more because it's simply too good to be true, and the guys have been rejected by publications.)

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