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Comment: It's an observation, not an argument (Score 1) 418

by MikeRT (#48449099) Attached to: Cops 101: NYC High School Teaches How To Behave During Stop-and-Frisk

You seem incapable of understanding the difference between an argument for something and an observation. My observation is that NYC and South Africa are largely ungovernable without means that are either quasi or outright intrinsically immoral. You seem to just get pissed because I pointed out the larger issue which is that without tactics like stop and frisk, the NYPD couldn't do the things it has had to do to make NYC "work."

Frankly, I couldn't care less if NYC collapsed under the weight of its own governance problems except insofar as many of its residents would flee to Northern Virginia where I live and try to recreate the same quasi-police state here.


Apple To Donate Profit Portion From Black Friday For AIDS Fight 97

Posted by samzenpus
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An anonymous reader writes Apple will donate a portion of their sales from online and retail stores on Cyber Monday and Black Friday as a contribution to the worldwide fight against AIDS. Apple kicks off a two-week fundraising campaign for RED, the charity started by U2 lead singer Bono and Bobby Shriver. It includes 25 partnering app-makers, from Angry Birds to Toca Boca, which will donate all proceeds from purchases of their apps or in-app upgrades. In a statement, Apple CEO Tim Cook said: "Apple is a proud supporter of (RED) because we believe the gift of life is the most important gift anyone can give. For eight years, our customers have been helping fight AIDS in Africa by funding life-saving treatments which are having a profoundly positive impact. This year we are launching our biggest fundraising push yet with the participation of Apple's retail and online stores, and some of the brightest minds in the App Store are lending their talents to the effort as well."

Comment: It's more of a statement about NYC (Score 2, Insightful) 418

by MikeRT (#48448309) Attached to: Cops 101: NYC High School Teaches How To Behave During Stop-and-Frisk

The ugly truth about NYC is that it would be ungovernable without a very large and powerful police force because it's an extremely diverse and class stratified city. Studies have repeatedly shown that trust people between strangers deteriorates as a function of the increased diversity of a population. Does this mean minorities and such are "bad?" Of course not. What it means is that a city which is basically a miniature United Nations is going to be likely held together by an iron fist in a velvet glove, not shared customs and values which often lead to conflict resolution without getting the state involved.

Comment: Agency isn't constrained to the physical (Score 1) 387

Hawking can't lift a finger without external, artificial assistance. Does that make him an idiot?

If I were able to cut your head from your body, but keep it running, so to speak, now that you can't speak to us (no lungs) and we see no interesting activity on your part, would that make you an idiot?

If I drug you so you are fully conscious, but cannot move, are you then an idiot?

Intelligence is not bound to the ability to do anything material. Intelligence is about manipulating information. Induction, association, that sort of thing. Agency with regard to conceptual matters. Consciousness... well, I have ideas about that, but they're just ideas at the moment.

Comment: Philosophy -- graveyard of fact (Score 1) 387

We evolved from single celled organisms, but we are not those now.

Science evolved from ignorance by determining the uselessness of, and then discarding, philosophical nonsense and replacing it with a very specific, non-soft, objective, rule-based behavior called "the scientific method." Which -- unlike the vast majority of philosophy -- produces useful results.

The claims philosophy have to science can be best likened to a leaky condom. We managed to get the scientific method in spite of it. Not because of it.

Comment: Re:Control the carbs and you control blood lipids (Score 1) 240

> I'm not sure medical science understands (well enough) the relationship between carbs/blood sugar/cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

Unfortunately it seems to be a simple cause and effect assumption, as a first start. High fat, ergo cut back on it.

That niacin-like drug study that forced HDL (the good cholesterol) higher did exactly that -- and had no net benefit in hard outcomes (strokes, heart attacks, deaths.) Oh, thin people had lots of HDL, I guess that's it.

Comment: Re:I bet Infosys and Tata are dancing in the stree (Score 1) 180

Do you ever wonder if your lack of critical thinking skills has led you to internalize Republican nonsense?

Even a whiff of critical thinking skills would allow anyone to see that Obama's purely political stunt is the only nonsense in question. If he gave a crap about the illegal immigrants he wants to "bring out of the shadows," he'd have wave the same magic wand months ago, or years ago. But he knew that it would wreck his party's chances of hanging onto legislative power. But - to his shock, no doubt - his party got completely spanked in the election. So he's done what he just did entirely to poison the well for the upcoming election. That is all.

Comment: Proposal: (Score 1) 184

by fyngyrz (#48438217) Attached to: It's Not Developers Slowing Things Down, It's the Process

For these groups: middle management, "UX" design, human resources, and everyone at or above executive level...

They get their own building, with its own network. We''ll call it location "E." The network is in no way connected to the outside world. There is no mailroom, and no delivery access to the building. All vehicles in the parking lot are to be classic Pintos. The parking lot shall be liberally equipped with speed bumps.

Developers, Manufacturing and Shipping work in another building or complex. We'll call it location "D."

Location D requires its own badges. You can't get past the lobby security installations if you don't have one. If you try, you get dumped in an unmaintained pond over-populated with carnivorous ducks carefully selected for unusually unsanitary and highly aggressive natures. To protect these wonders of evolution, the pond shall be patrolled by duck enthusiasts with fully automatic weapons.

Location D has its own network, which is firewalled at every possible level against anything, in or out, from location E, as a prophylactic measure, should location E somehow arrange for a WAN connection.

At location D, the janitorial staff shall work hand-in-hand with the mailroom to heat the building by incinerating any mail or package that isn't (a) a paycheck, or (b) items that are on a list of things previously ordered by the occupants of location D.

Location D shall have its own high quality NY pizza shop, a Dunkin Donuts, and an Orange Julius. The mailroom shall be responsible for delivery of products from these to the developer's desks, and for running out to fetch non-local take out orders. Mailroom salaries to be commensurate with consistency of their on-time, still-fresh delivery records, which shall be kept in consummate detail.

At location D, female developers shall have hot male sexataries with pole- and stripping-experience. Male developers shall have hot female sexataries with pole- and stripping-experience. Poles shall be conveniently located in and/or near all developer offices. The sexatarial pool shall have both a shallow and a deep end, a selection of diving boards at varying heights, and a suitably awesome sound system and snack bar, and it shall be located adjacent to a well-equipped workout center. Fridays shall be devoted to data collection by careful developer examination of active poles.

Location D shall have a rooftop laser tag facility with long-range light-arms. Location E shall situate all offices such that they have windows facing location D, and all location E personnel shall be required to wear lasertag suits that (with one exception) simultaneously initiate a period of physical incapacitation (locked limbs) and a significant shock. The single exception to this rule is that at location E, the vests worn by UX designers shall be equipped to deliver fatal shocks, whereas the incapacitation feature is to remain uninstalled in order to save the company money.

At location D, any occupant of an office that wishes the title "rock star" to be affixed to, or adjacent to, his or her door must demonstrate the ability to actually perform rock and roll using an actual musical instrument to a panel of rock and roll enthusiasts suitably selected from the ranks of the developers. Air guitar does not qualify. Singing ability may qualify, at the discretion of the panel. Developers so qualified shall be additionally eligible for multiple sexatarial personnel/services, a small but well-equipped stage, and their own snack counter.

All developers shall receive 1 (one) exotic car of their choice leased for them for the duration of their employment, funding for which shall be achieved by garnishing executive salaries as needed. The location D parking lot shall provide direct access to both high speed oval and full scale Nürburgring-configuration tracks. There shall be no speed bumps in the location D parking lot, however, the west extent of the lot shall be configured as a 1/4 mile track with a 1/2 mile rollout at the end.

At location D, there shall be a Lego parts acquisition department, which shall be expanded as developer needs require. All offices shall have a lego assembly and display area.

Comment: Good (Score 1) 109

GOOD. When people fear the government, there is tyrrany. When government fears the people, there is freedom.

I would also like to add that, when there is little barrier to tracking the calls of mundane political opponents, or even listening in to their calls, than a check box on a piece of paper saying "You got a warrant, didn't you?", there is nothing to stop a G. Gordon Liddy type from listening in on the other presidential candidate's conversations, and their planners and donors and strategists.

This is the mechanism by which 1984 will happen -- sufficient important stuff done in the virual world that a government, with an easy-to-use virtual world panopticon, will indeed abuse it.

All human history teaches this course.

Comment: Re:We've been doing it for a long time (Score 1) 342

Because slow warming is a small problem, over centuries (when we have no idea what the tech landscape will be in 50 years much less 300.)

But overshooting on cooling could induce an ice age, which geologists have evidence can occur in as little as two years. Then you will kill many billions.

The problem is hyperventillating over GW. It's doubtful anything should be done that slows tech growth. But the opposite could become quickly murderous.

If I were a schill for corporations, as your memeplex no doubt is informing you, I would be gung ho for amelioration geoengineering (some plans are only a few billion, nothing to modern society.). I am not.


Comment: Re:innovation thwarted (Score 1) 134

by Impy the Impiuos Imp (#48435511) Attached to: Aereo Files For Bankruptcy

Don't blame Aero or the Supreme Court. Blame Congress who created the law.

It is logical someone could create a super-antenna + DVR system to distribute over-the-air content to you that you, by living there, have access to.

Cable companies were gonna do that. Congress stepped in and allowed the over-the-air local broadcasters to force cable to carry, no charge, or require a negotiation for money, broadcast company's choice.

With all the fancy scientists in the world, why can't they just once build a nuclear balm?