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Comment: Re:cough (Score 1) 604

by JuliaNZ (#32794784) Attached to: The Ignominious Fall of Dell

the first phones that are NOT designed to be disposable every one or two years, unlike all (most) previous cell phones on the market before iPhone came along.

What utter bollocks. I've just replaced my Treo 650 that I bought second-hand more than four years ago. It's had one replacement battery (you're probably not familiar with that concept) and it went to a friend of mine who's still using the Treo 180 I gave him when I bought the 650. He'll get a few more years out of the 650, I'm betting.

Blackberries also seem to have a decent lifetime and they've been round a lot longer than the iphone.

Comment: Re:Where does this leave GIMP? (Score 1) 900

by JuliaNZ (#30217040) Attached to: GIMP Dropped From Ubuntu 10.04

Picasa imports into dated folders based on the date you import them, not the date they were taken.

The thing I like about Picasa is that it doesn't touch where your images are, or even the images themselves. I can't stand programs that insist on moving your shit around (iPhoto). I've never tried importing, I can copy images off a card quicker than it can.

Comment: Re:"M$" (Score 1) 1008

by JuliaNZ (#28502253) Attached to: Richard Stallman Says No To Mono
Parent has it only partially correct, but here's your citation: Word 6.0 for Mac was built from the same codebase as the Windows product, looked quite a lot like a Windows product, and used to occasionally throw Windows-style errors. The number of floppy disks required to install it on a Mac was equal to the number of disks for the Windows version plus 7 (?), which was the same number of floppies that Win 3.11 took. Hence why you'll see people claim it was emulated.
The Courts

+ - Judge rules TorrentSpy destroyed evidence-> 2

Submitted by
Come play kdice
Come play kdice writes "A federal judge has handed the MPAA a resounding victory in its copyright infringement lawsuit against TorrentSpy. Judge Florence-Marie Cooper entered a default judgment against Justin Bunnell and the rest of named defendants in Columbia Pictures et al. v. Justin Bunnell et al. after finding that TorrentSpy "engaged in widespread and systematic efforts to destroy evidence" and lying under oath about said destruction. After being sued, TorrentSpy mounted a vigorous defense, including a countersuit it filed against the MPAA in May 2006, but, behind the scenes, the court documents paint a picture of a company desperately trying to bury any and all incriminating evidence. TorrentSpy has announced its intention to appeal, but its conduct makes a reversal unlikely."
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The Media

+ - Military contractor censors anti-war candidate-> 1

Submitted by James in Chicago
James in Chicago (666) writes "NBC as subsidiary of General Electric, is hosting a debate at Drexel University October 30th. They have set arbitrary funding requirements such that they exclude Senator Mike Gravel from the debates. Whether or not you agree with Gravel's politics he has been the most outspoken candidate concerning the war and the military-industrial-complex. GE on the other hand has over 2 billion dollars worth outstanding military contracts. When military contractors such as GE get to decide which political candidates are heard what does that mean for this Democracy?"
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