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Comment: Re:30" OLED displays (Score 1) 264

by Judge_Fire (#28227417) Attached to: Apple To Face Challenge At WWDC

Apple would seriously like to make new displays higher density, like over 150 PPI, as to coincide with finally shipping resolution indepence in OS X. Just imagine the amount of gloating ;) and in all fairness, it would be deserved - it would look damn good.

But RI has proved to be quite a challenge, and any progress made would be interesting to see at WWDC.


+ - Engineers rule in China. Literally.->

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judgeFire writes: "The Economist observes that while the top positions of American politics are occupied in force by lawyers (Obama, Clinton, Biden, Holder and Panetta), the Chinese rulers have predominantly been engineers (Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin, Wen Jiabao). 'The senior body of China's Communist Party is the Politburo's standing committee. Making up its nine members are eight engineers, and one lawyer. This is not a relic of the past: 2007 saw the appointments of one petroleum and two chemical engineers. The last American president to train as an engineer was Herbert Hoover.' The story goes on to explore the different backgrounds for politicians in various countries."
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Instant Messaging Vulnerable To New Smiley Attacks 170

Posted by timothy
from the clever-really dept.
titus writes "Security researchers Yoann Guillot and Julien Tinnes have found a way to encode malicious code into smileys and provided a proof of concept encoder to automate the process. The researchers said their discovery paves the way for IM malware that would be impossible to detect since the malicious code would be 'indistinguishable from genuine chat messages.' I've tested the proof of concept code which works very well. Time to panic?"

Comment: Corruption test (Score 4, Insightful) 284

by Judge_Fire (#26686523) Attached to: In Finland, Nokia May Get Its Own Snooping Law

Finland has a long track record for being regarded as the least corrupt country in the world, or definitely in the top three, depending on the three.

This story has been seen as provocative, given this lily white context, so it's actually quite interesting to see where this goes, especially as we're simultaneously observing the story unfold around the 2% vote fail issue.


World's Oldest Rocks Found 254

Posted by timothy
from the and-jagger-wants-'em-back dept.
Smivs writes "The BBC reports that Earth's most ancient rocks, with an age of 4.28 billion years, have been found on the shore of Hudson Bay, Canada. Writing in Science journal, a team reports finding that a sample of Nuvvuagittuq greenstone is 250 million years older than any rocks known. It may even hold evidence of activity by ancient life forms. If so, it would be the earliest evidence of life on Earth — but co-author Don Francis cautioned that this had not been established. 'The rocks contain a very special chemical signature — one that can only be found in rocks which are very, very old,' he said."
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Software Update Makes iTunes Accessible To Blind Users 148

Posted by timothy
from the rockbox-already-has-voice-guidance-note dept.
rickthewizkid writes "Recent updates to the iTunes software allow blind users to access the program without assistance. From the article: 'The new software — which transforms the written information on an iTunes-linked computer screen into speech or Braille — stemmed from an agreement between Apple, the Cupertino, Calif.-based computer company, the National Federation of the Blind and Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley.'" It's not just the actual iTunes app, though; the article notes that this update makes iTunes U useable as well.

+ - Ten Years of Steve Jobs

Submitted by Gammu
Gammu writes: Apple is nearing its tenth anniversary of Steve Jobs-leadership. On December 20, 1996, Apple's acquisition of NeXT went public and a mere seven months later, on July 9, 1997, Steve Jobs had ousted Amelio and most of the board of directors. What followed was an aggressive reorganization that cut thousands of jobs and most of the projects in R&D. The product matrix and Apple's strategy for targeting two markets (consumer and pro) emerged and Apple began its road to recovery.

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