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Comment: Re:Metaphor (Score 1) 170

by Daengbo (#32068740) Attached to: "Lost" and the Emergence of Hypertext Storytelling

I want someone to try to cut all of Lost into chronological order, so I can watch it and see if it makes any sense. I'm certain it won't. Every minor mistake will be very apparent.

I did watch part of the first season, before it jumped the shark jumper (The whole series jumped the shark from about five minutes in).

Comment: Re:Oh (Score 1) 311

by Eternal Vigilance (#32068730) Attached to: Meet the Men Who Deploy Airstrikes
The truth about ourselves is always hardest to see.

Looks like there's a lot of active resistance to it here today/tonight.

And as far as that other discussion goes, don't forget to include the natural end of empire, the desperate mid-life crisis of an aging nation, and after thousands of years of leaving Mesopotamia the ouroboros finally coming back to swallow its tail - in other words, collective awakening and consciousness.

Comment: Re:To me, it's a question of mobility. (Score 1) 572

by jo_ham (#32067708) Attached to: FSF Response To Steve Jobs's Letter

So, the farm is there and is easy to buy from, but there's a whole other market out there of rolling fields. The gates to these fields have standard latches that require standard protocols to open. The fridge can do this and get chicken from other sources.

Although, Adobe farms has some sort of impassible chasm, and the fridge does not have the necessary instructions to operate the drawbridge. I think Adobe chickens might make the fridge bloated and slow, however.

Comment: Re:A missile in a shipping container.... (Score 1) 618

by Rich0 (#32021470) Attached to: New Russian Weapon Hides In Shipping Container

Actually, you pretty-much HAVE to have a tracking sensor on the missile itself if you want to hit anything.

However, if you fire off a missile in a random direction you're going to blow up some ship at random at best - most likely a tanker. Also, radar is subject to jamming, and you bet that if somebody spots a radar emitter travelling at mach 3 they're going to jam it! IR or visual is only useful if you have a very good idea of where the target is - it can't search a large area. Even radar on a missile will only spot something in a cone maybe a few miles across, which isn't much even in the Persian Gulf.

Keep in mind that a cruise missile is exactly the kind of threat that US naval defenses were designed to counter. The only twist here is sneaking one onto a merchant ship.

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