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Comment Re:Stupid Assumption (Score 1) 171

Have you watched the movies? Of course there's money (likely of various forms)... Luke sold his speeder to get money to pay Han, with a promise of more from Leah. Han, of course, had a bounty on his head from Jaba that Fet collected. The specifics of the Star Wars economy was never laid out, because it's completely irrelevant to the storyline.

Except the planet Luke starts out on is outside the empire, run by smugglers (the HUTTS).

They might have money but that does squat to prove money is used throughout the empire, just among smugglers.

And thanks for pointing out how irrelevant it is, as if none of us knew, because, ya know, economies about fantastical adventures in space, far, far away and long, long ago, are so rooted in reality.

Comment Re:NoSQL is amateur land. (Score 1) 96

I'm not sure about Postges, but the default install of MySQL will only listen on localhost. So you have to change your config file to even get it to respond from a remote computer. Then there's the account you're actually accessing it from. By default, the root account in MySQL is also only accessible from localhost. So that's 2 things you have to change simply to even allow a connection from a remote machine in MySQL.

Wow. Two things? WOW!

And here I thought it would be simple to make sure that out of the box you don't immediately broadcast your enterprise/development/baby learning database to everyone ever like say the actual point of the article.

Comment Re:It's not the size (Score 1) 279

Touch means instant teleportation of the pointer to an element on a screen instead of a traversal which can be monitored...

The models of interaction are just different enough you really can't combine them well.

Completely and utterly wrong. You have to transition your entire finger, hand, or arm, unlike with a mouse that is only a wrist flick.

Comment Rediculous Pile of Bullshit (Score 1) 692

Not enough food? America alone could sustain more than half the planet, if not more.

Not enough space? For the 7 billion here? Bullshit.

The facts are plain and simple: No one is willing to donate time, money and resources to make it happen.

Its actually quite the opposite: they devote time, MONEY and resources to KEEP IT THIS WAY.

Open your eyes.

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