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Comment: Cherry Trail, now with more Tampon o.0 (Score -1, Troll) 78

by Joviex (#48741211) Attached to: Intel Unveils 5th Gen Core Series Broadwell-U CPUs and Cherry Trail Atom
And the award for "We had to hire him, he is my brother's wife's nephew and we'll just stick him in the comes up with the most idiotic names on the planet department" (a.k.a. there was not a EXECUTIVE WOMAN in the room when they make these names up room) goes to....

Comment: Re:Cat and mouse... (Score 2) 437

by Joviex (#48728109) Attached to: Netflix Cracks Down On VPN and Proxy "Pirates"
Well, I can understand their cat and mouse bullshit with the media corps, but, what I can't understand:

I live in the US. I travel, a lot, for work, to countries outside the U.S.

Why am I screwed when I take a trip and want something to watch from the service that brandishes itself a media streamer for me, and content I am allowed to stream, just not when from an IP block outside the allowed list?


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