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The worst debt collection practice I was hammered with, called, didn't state for who they were,, did not leave any options to complete the call from them, but only gave a call back number for Jeromy to call Bob. I'm not Jeremy, so I let it run for a couple of months to see if it would quit. It didn't. Collectors continued to call even after my new number was not so new at 8 years.

I pity anyone who does not speak English as they wouldn't understand the message, there was no option to respond to the call, such as press any key, and it would continue until you did call in. They only quit after I called and didn't ask for Bob, but asked for their legal department. I think I shook them up a bit. Anyway the calls quit from them.

I asked for the legal department. I then told them they can not legally disclose any debt info to third parties. Then told them of the issue with the robocall. I gave them the number they robocalled and the times. They feigned ignorance and stated it must have been forwarded to my number from another number. I then asked for the number they were using to call Jeremy and gave time stamps. They then claimed they could not release Jeremy's contact info to 3rd parties. LOL.. Nice snow job. Anyway the calls quit with threat of $50 for each additional call per the telemarketing and fair collection practices laws.

A Google search of the number revealed the law firm in Chicago IL, their address, office phone numbers, staff names, etc. Nobody there is named Bob or Robert.

Jeromy Taylor, Please update your contact info with your creditors. I'm tired of taking your calls.

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by 0xdeadbeef (#48449989) Attached to: Cops 101: NYC High School Teaches How To Behave During Stop-and-Frisk

Escalation is the only thing that changes things. Maybe what this country needs is a white nerd to get murdered by a cop. Maybe then the right wingers will be like "Oh, shit, you mean the cop problem is real?"

Then again, the "am I free to go" guy gets ridiculed by the social justice types. They want to pretend that civil libertarians are all bravado, but when those civil libertarians routinely cash the checks their mouths write, somehow they're still in the wrong.

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by Voyager529 (#48444109) Attached to: Corning Reveals Gorilla Glass 4, Promises No More Broken IPhones

I'm only half-kidding. over the past year or two, there's been a nifty cottage industry of small storefronts that perform screen replacements on cell phones. If that number gets cut in half, things are going to get interesting for these store owners. Also, if the phones are not only more shatter resistant but scratch resistant as well, I wonder if it would (forgive the pun) make a dent in sales of Otterbox and other impact resistant cases. Not only would this impact Otter Products, but also many retailers, since cases tend to be a high-margin upsell, so their profits would slip.

Similarly, I wonder if the new glass will be reflected in Asurion premiums. If they're replacing statistically half the phones (I'll believe the "2x" number rather than the "10x" number for the sake of this post), shouldn't the premiums reflect this as the company is taking a lower risk? I know the general thinking is "zomg moar hookerz for the see-ee-ohes!!!111", but I generally don't know if there's some legislative edict that requires insurance premiums to reflect the risk being taken.

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by Technician (#48440275) Attached to: Linux On a Motorola 68000 Solder-less Breadboard

I'm surprised he got it to run that fast. AM radio in the US broadcasts from about .5 to 1.5 Mhz. Without a ground plane and shielding, there is a lot of coupling between wires. I bet he can't listen to any distant AM radio stations in the same room with that running.

Good job getting a breadboard computer to clock over 1MHZ.

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by Voyager529 (#48436249) Attached to: Google Launches Service To Replace Web Ads With Subscriptions

I'd love to be able to assist with this project. However, my issue is not advertising, but tracking. By using this method, one must, by definition, allow Google to see how many times you visit which sites, and how much time you spend on each.

Presently, I use FoolDNS and Ghostery, and intentionally allow ads through - I want websites to be able to get additional ad traffic. I'm perfectly okay with ads. Personally, I've got two rules: 1.) Don't track me, and 2.) Don't infect my computer with malware. I personally think that these are very reasonable requests to make.

Aunt Google will never make a system that doesn't involve tracking me. If the EFF or ACLU wants to make a system like this, I'll sign up tomorrow, NO problem. Google? I'll stick to giving them as little information as I can.

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by Voyager529 (#48429335) Attached to: BitTorrent Unveils Sync 2.0

Not much of a "cloud" if it doesn't support clustering.

7.0.2 does support clustering - in theory. In practice, I've only got one device worth using as a server, so I haven't personally tested it out...but clustering is in its entry stages.

I will say though that OwnCloud is better at syncing phone-> server than BT Sync, as well as sharing files (just give 'em a URL). OwnCloud's shortcoming, at this time, is dealing with large quantities of files. It seems to throw up rather spectacularly if you're syncing a folder with north of 10,000 files, while BT Sync seems to happily do an order of magnitude higher.

One thing I do like observing from a distance is Pydio, which looks like it has some potential if it can streamline its desktop sync application.

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by Voyager529 (#48428961) Attached to: BitTorrent Unveils Sync 2.0

The service rotates around features available (read the article) plus support. Do you expect free support if you are a company? Do you expect them to provide everything for free?

I can't speak for the GP, but I do agree with him to a significant extent. Allow me to elaborate...

Dropbox/GDrive/1Drive charges a subscription to keep devices synchronized, as well as a slice of storage space in their datacenter. They pay for bandwidth and hard drives, and forward a chunk of that cost to me. This makes perfect sense. Their advantages are that they are keeping a copy of your data on their hard disks (in the event of a catastrophic failure on your end) and the fact that they don't require all devices to be online concurrently; each device pulls and pushes new stuff when it connects.

BT Sync's major advantage over these services is essentially the opposite: while devices need to be online concurrently, they don't require a centralized server, though BT Sync provides one for NAT traversal and similar. Even with their tracker and DHT services fully disabled, their bills are a small fraction of Dropbox and friends because they're not actually shuffling data around. But yes, even these cost money. Fine. It's still possible to sync over a LAN, or a slightly-configured WAN connection, without ever touching their servers.

I'm completely fine with them needing to charge for the software - it's a great utility that I really like. Neither the summary nor the article do a good job at explaining what would be the difference between the free and paid version. "Support" is a great answer, and I'm definitely in favor of that. However, is it *only* support? The nature of this program means that per-device licenses get pretty expensive, pretty quickly. I've got a few friends who sync to my FreeNAS. If it's $40/year/device, that's $360/year...and they only "support" I've ever needed involved Google searching and feature requests in the forums. $40/node for a perpetual license is a smidge steep, but I'd be somewhat-more-willing to pay it...but the annual price tag is on par with other services that offer storage and lots more bandwidth usage, making Sync a whole lot less competitive. The fact that it's a subscription cost with no clear benefit over simply keeping the older versions running, or using an alternative application, is a viable concern.

tl;dr: no one owes me anything for free, but the cost their looking for isn't matched with a good comparison against either their current free offering or competing products that have a known and significantly higher overhead.

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by Technician (#48428077) Attached to: As Amazon Grows In Seattle, Pay Equity For Women Declines

What the liberals want is;
30% Chinese
30% Japanese
30% Korean
30% Hispanic
30% Black
30% Vietnamese
What ever us keft over % Male
50% Female
50% Gay
30% Mexican
30% Guatamalan
and 30% Native American.

All cry inequality when less than 50%

Liberals have some other shortcommings in STEM besides math.

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by Technician (#48427831) Attached to: As Amazon Grows In Seattle, Pay Equity For Women Declines

I had a job offer in Seattle that I turned down due to the cost of relocation, traffic, housing, etc. If I had taken the job, my spouse would have moved too and looked for work. She would not have looked for an engineering job, so yes, there would be pay inequality, but she would not need to deal with 2nd housing, etc. I suepect some of the pay inequality is spouses of engineers working at Microsoft or Boeing working the two income family positions to make the mortguage instead of full time homemaker. These positions are rarely the same income bracket as the primary breadwinner who can have >40 hours work and are not the primary family member taking the kids to soccer practice.

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by 0xdeadbeef (#48404833) Attached to: Sweden Considers Adding "Sexism" Ratings To Video Games

Firstly no one's forced anything on anyone.

I'm sorry, you're right, that's a huge difference. It's like getting mad that some guy is publicly "considering" raping someone. It's not the same as actual rape.

Moving the goalpost? You'd first have to make a counter-argument for that. Unless you're actually asserting that governments never engage in nanny-state boondoggles over trivial issues, which is laughable.

No, the goalposts have stayed put, but I have scored two touchdowns. You conceded that the feminist concerns over sexism in video games are trivial:

This argument is even more trivial than what they're doing and yet here you are.

and now you just implicitly agreed that "forcing" sexism labels on video games is bad thing, by telling me they haven't actually done it yet, as if I were overstating the grievance.

Comment: There's more (Score 1) 641

by Voyager529 (#48404635) Attached to: Sweden Considers Adding "Sexism" Ratings To Video Games

Star Trek Voyager: Say what you will about the series as a whole (admittedly having problems whose root cause starts with the words "Brannon" and "Braga"), but Janeway generally had the respect of her crew, spoke to the other female characters about whatever the relevant topic was (engineering, Seven of Nine's character development, etc.), and ultimately got her crew home.

Mass Effect: FemShep does her thing the same way male Shepard does, by diplomacy, by 'bigger gun diplomacy', or both. She speaks to whoever she wants, however she wants, and gains the respect of virtually everyone she crosses paths with...ironically, most anti-Shepard sentiment is based upon her being a human, not her being a female.

Metroid: you kick butt the entire game and THEN find out that Samus is a girl.

Clearly not an exhausive list, but off the top of my head, there ARE examples of strong female protagonists that aren't vapid caricatures.

Comment: Re:Whoa whoa whoa (Score 1) 641

by 0xdeadbeef (#48404211) Attached to: Sweden Considers Adding "Sexism" Ratings To Video Games

Apparently you're allowed to do pointeless, trivial things yourself but they are not. Hypocrite!

Let me know when a first world government takes up one of my hobbies and forces it on an industry. 'Cause that would be awesome!

I hope it is SETI. Fuckin' Proxmire ruined SETI. We need a tax on sci-fi movies to fund SETI.

The difficult we do today; the impossible takes a little longer.