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Comment: Re:Doesn't seem like a wise investment.. (Score 1) 170

by JourneymanMereel (#47155461) Attached to: Google To Spend $1 Billion On Fleet of Satellites

It seems that such areas are underserrved because they can't afford it.

Define can't afford it. Let me give you a couple of examples here in the US.

The company where I work has a horribly incompetent local telco. When they first bought their wires from Verizon, they came out and talked to me about high speed internet. Five years later, they can still only figure out T1 lines. There is no cable available the industrial park where we're at. I once looked into it and Charter and Comcast couldn't figure out who would actually service my area (each saying it would be the other). I think they finally settled on Charter, but with a huge build-out cost (somewhere around 30k if I remember right). A few years later, a Charter sales guy popped in to find out if we were interested in buying their service. I told him I absolutely was, but there's no way I could afford their build out cost. Supposedly they're trying to find enough potential customers to justify their build out cost, but here we are almost two years later and no service. We can easily afford the service. Even at $1,000/mo I can probably get it approved. But we can't (won't) pay that build out cost.

I also like to go camping in a semi-remote area. It's not real camping. We do it with a travel trailer on a seasonal site. Full plumbing, full electric, etc. But it's still enjoyable. They've talked about putting in Wifi, but there's no broadband of any kind available. Again, build out costs are going to be the issue. I doubt they'd pay $1,000/mo for service, but I'm sure they can afford something like 100/mo.

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by JourneymanMereel (#42693281) Attached to: Cisco Exits the Consumer Market, Sells Linksys To Belkin

It's funny.... I was sitting here thinking about the Cisco Small Business switches (SG-300 series) I have running flawlessly in my slightly bigger than small business (~300 ports). I was even able to get them to VLAN and Port Channel with a Nexus switch.

However, I've never tried to use any of their other equipment (My phone system is an actual phone system, my wifi is from Aruba and my NAS is from NetApp).

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by JourneymanMereel (#39473253) Attached to: You're Driving All Wrong, Says NHTSA

That's because people use it to signal irritation and then when it would actually be useful they forget about it. I was hit a couple years back as I was making a left turn. The roads were a little slick and the vehicle two behind me couldn't stop (the one directly behind me had no problem). The driver of this second vehicle swerved into the oncoming traffic lane just hoping that I wasn't turning left (despite the fact that I had my turn signal on). Had she used the horn in addition I would have known she was there soon enough to most likely prevent the accident. As it was, the first clue I had was when she slammed into my door.

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Petty concerns? Wow, if you consider $400,000 - $1 million "petty", then could you please send me some petty amount of money?

Blocking .exe files sent by email is not unreasonable nor is it uncommon. You can complain to the CTO all you want, but if he's any good at his job he's been hearing ridiculous complaints like your so long that he has a "bitch-slap" email already composed and ready to go only needing to fill in a few blanks.

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Let me see if I have your argument right... sending people into space for long periods of time in order to study the effects of having people in space for even longer periods of time is not the best path to long term space exploration... instead, we should just sit on the ground and look at space while trying to imagine what it might be like up there.

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And were subsequently purchased by Dish Networks.

I'm also considering a move the BlockBuster for the same reason... not only do they include games, but also BluRay. My biggest hang-up is, even though it's limited, I do like the Netflix streaming to the Wii... it has kept my daughter entertained when she wakes up in the morning quite well w/out needing cable.

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I just recently read that statute from a few posts higher, and nowhere in it does it say that it's illegal to leave your keys in your car. It only says that you must remove them from the ignition before leaving the car.

Makes me wonder, though, do cops needing the fill their ticket quota just hang out at the local tow shop waiting for a call to come in from somebody who locked their keys in their car?

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