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+ - Online retailer imposes Internet Explorer 7 Tax

Submitted by Joshua.Niland
Joshua.Niland (1483917) writes "Online retailer Kogan has imposed the worlds first Internet Explorer 7 tax. They have done so to recover the costs of maintaining their site to work with such an outdated browser.

With tongue firmly in cheek, they suggest that customers can avoid the tax by "simply downloading an up-to-date browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera or even a more recent version of Internet Explorer." and they provide the links to each alternative browsers website."
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+ - 100,000 websites destroyed by hackers-> 2

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Joshua.Niland writes "A zero day exploit in Lxlabs HyperVM software has lead to 100,000 website being destroyed, some of which have no backups.

From the article: "Data for about half of the websites hosted on Vaserv was destroyed all at once sometime Sunday evening, shortly after administrators noticed "strangeness" on the system. The attackers had the ability to execute sensitive Unix commands on the system, including "rm -rf," which forces a recursive delete of all files.

Some 50 percent of Vaserv's customers signed up for unmanaged service, which doesn't include data backup, Foster said. It remains unclear of those website owners will ever be able to retrieve their lost data, he said. As a result, at least half the websites that were hosted on the site remain offline.

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+ - Strange globs could signal water on Mars->

Submitted by Joshua.Niland
Joshua.Niland (1483917) writes "Strange globs seen on the landing strut of the Phoenix Mars lander could be the first proof that modern Mars hosts liquid water. Images from the robotic craft show what appear to be liquid droplets growing, merging, and dripping on the lander's leg over the course of a Martian month.

Just when is NASA going to fix that leaking roof on the backlot? ;-)"

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