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User Journal

Journal: OS wars.....

Journal by JoshDmetro
In the great OS war how come the Windows crowd is always so quick to attack Linux without a good reason? I have numerous reasons to not like Windows. But why is it that Windows users and I'm starting to think the majority of /. user are windows users why they are so mean when it comes to saying something less than complimentary about windows? /. makes money advertising Windows so big suprise that pro Linux/ anti Windows comments are usually modded down. If som

Comment: I don't care if it got virtual XP. (Score -1) 364

by JoshDmetro (#27712191) Attached to: Windows 7 To Include "Windows XP Mode"
I still won't buy a Microsoft product. XP sucks there is no getting around that just because it is better than Vista doesn't make it a good os nor give me the desire to run it in VM. Lately I have been helping friends fix there XP/Vista boxes and it is a horrible experience for me, long hrs of watching progress bars inch there way across the screen. Wasting my time in the evenings after work that I'd rather spend with my kids. Has anyone ever thought to calculate how much time MS has taken from people with to progress bar or registry and they make you pay for the privilege. And an OS shouldn't have different versions Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate editions. And can you ever be truly happy if you got Professional when you could get Ultimate?

Comment: Re:Well so much for gamers being able to say... (Score 0) 644

by JoshDmetro (#27488529) Attached to: Konami Announces a Game Based On a 2004 Battle In Fallujah
Well maybe it is time to start banning games seems there is no sense of good taste in todays games. Just a bunch of sickos that are to chicken shit to shoot someone so they pretend to kill sand niggers. But they are brown they are not real people why should we care if a bunch of assholes killed them for shits and giggles under the PRETEXT of WMD's. Iraqis don't have rights seems to be a pretty predominate theme around here.

Comment: Well so much for gamers being able to say... (Score 0) 644

by JoshDmetro (#27488131) Attached to: Konami Announces a Game Based On a 2004 Battle In Fallujah
'But its not real.' Lets go kill people under the guise of finding expired sarin gas and then we will make a game of it. Maybe we will have a Columbine game or some such. At least then pathetic dorks can shoot classmates right from the comfort of their mom's basement.

Comment: Isn't that why we have court... (Score 1, Interesting) 363

by JoshDmetro (#27379077) Attached to: UK Libel Law Is a Global Threat To Web Free Speech
So that the filthy stinking rich can do whatever they want. The powers that be can accuse you of anything and if you don't have the money you can't defend yourself. Especially lately where the whole innocent until proven guilty no longer exists. The onus is on you to prove your not guilty at quite a substantial cost. There is also no penalty for making false accusations which allows extreme abuse of the law. In Canada now there are some laws police are allowed to administer a summary penalty with no chance to ever prove your innocence. And no recourse before the courts,you can't even appeal to a judge. And this is illegal under Canadian constitution but you are not allowed to take the matter to court. So much for having a Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms if you are not allowed to exercise your supposed rights.

Comment: Does C02 weight more or less than normal air... (Score 0) 1190

by JoshDmetro (#27371509) Attached to: The Global Warming Heretic
I can't believe the stupidity of some of you. Why don't we switch over to C02 instead of helium for balloons? They would probably float much better than helium seeing that C02 is so light it all floats up to space damn near. This reminds me of the Monty Python skit in Quest for the Holy Grail when they are trying to determine if the woman is a witch based on her weight compared to a duck. Cause ducks float yah know.

Comment: Those serial numbers are silly anyway... (Score 0) 128

by JoshDmetro (#27367901) Attached to: EA Won't Use DRM For <em>The Sims 3</em>
DRM or not after Spore I won't by anymore EA games. Just like when Metalica/Napster incident happened I no longer listen to them and gave away my cd's after I got complaints about copyright infringement from my ISP. And I had the CD's so there was no infringement on anyones copyright.

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