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Comment: What kind of kids are we trying to raise with OLPC (Score 0, Offtopic) 92

by JosefAssad (#22434640) Attached to: OLPC and CC Free Content Drive
See, it depends. If we want the kids to know that God is a disinterested chap, that cup size is the primary determinant for getting into Heaven, and that hamsters are good for more than just tasty sandwiches (wha?) then this ought to go on the stack.

Then again...

Parenting classes? Me? Why? Oh come onnnnnnnnn...


+ - Novell, RedHat being corporate on Real Time Linux->

Submitted by
AndyST writes "Always interesting to see how rival GNU/Linux vendors treat each other. (Spoiler: Just like any other two companies.) On the subject of real time linux, and the companies' respective procucts, a Redhad executive claimed Novell was selling beta code, their code. Novell's rebuttal, with a smirk, contins a "Note to Red Hat: this is open source, remember? [...] Just because Red Hat is again late to market [...] doesn't mean Linux contains "beta code."" It's just business, nothing personal."
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+ - Nominations Open for "Worst EU Lobbying 2007&#->

Submitted by
JosefAssad writes "In 2005, the award went to the "Campaign for Creativity", a fake NGO set up by large IT companies. ExxonMobil took the prize in 2006. Nominations are now open for the 2007 edition of the award, and with a bit of luck Microsoft could reap the honors through the European Software Association, a thin lobbying frontend. Be heard now!"
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The Courts

+ - Court ruling is a serious blow to open source lega->

Submitted by
JosefAssad writes "In a decision centering around the violation of the Artistic License, a San Francisco court has denied an injunction against Matthew Katzer in the favor of Roberr Jacobsen of the JMRI project. Importantly, the decision makes the point that the Artistic License is a contract, an interpretation which the Free Software Foundation has been keen to avoid as a legal stance.

The JMRI project has a page up with the legal background and developments."

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+ - Cheating IT Grads are being deported

Submitted by kalpatin
kalpatin (1004669) writes "International students could be getting deported from Australia if they are found guilty of cheating. ABC Australia reports that Masters students have been cheating in their theses and the hard copies of their work matches the electronic sources found on the Internet."

If I'd known computer science was going to be like this, I'd never have given up being a rock 'n' roll star. -- G. Hirst