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Comment: Yet another creeping power grab (Score 4, Interesting) 348

by JosKarith (#44958675) Attached to: UK MPs: Google Blocks Child Abuse Images, It Should Block Piracy Too
What a surprise. Start with the slam-dunk of getting them to ban CP (After all if you don't agree it should be banned you must be a pedo sympathiser) , then turn round and say "Well you can block that illegal content, what about this?"
What next, demand Google block sites of banned political parties? Disallow all dissenting opinions? Silence religions you don't like? This is why we shouldn't have allowed the thin end of the wedge in in the first place. Give centralised control an inch and it'll take a mile.

Comment: Re:That's a whole... (Score 4, Insightful) 395

by JosKarith (#43792847) Attached to: Xbox One: No Always-Online Requirement, But Needs To Phone Home
In a time of global recession M$ decided to release their new platform burdened to the hilt with DRM? Wow - that's not so much shooting yourself in the foot as sticking a live grenade into your boot. Sales of this are gonna tank and they're going to be forced into a Win8 style climbdown.
Also, what happens if the authentication servers go down? My old house the internet connection would drop to virtually useless for days at a time due to Virgin's shoddy infrastructure and the 360 was the only thing left to use. If it has to dial home every day then that's pretty damn useless.

Comment: Re:running only on an OpenVMS, which runs (Score 1) 614

by JosKarith (#43665551) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Won't Companies Upgrade Old Software?
I get horrified by the number of times I come across "magic black boxes" (usually Unix) that are an integral part of some financial system but literally nobody knows what they do or how they do it cos' all the support staff have been laid off over the years without anyone being trained in the obsolete POS...

As of next Thursday, UNIX will be flushed in favor of TOPS-10. Please update your programs.