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Comment Re:Ha ha... (Score 1) 159 159

Same here, and I hate when people say that I am lucky (that I get to eat whatever I want) because I have to eat a lot all the time to be in normal weight even with low to moderate exercise. (or EVEN no exercise)

Even if the food tastes good, it still feels like a chore in the end :p

Comment Watched Dr. Strangelove... (Score 1) 675 675

...or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb the other day and this kind of reminds me of it. At least in here, they are wise enough to not forget to tell people about their intentions. It seems people do learn from mistakes, or movies for that matter.

Comment Meanwhile in estonia... (Score 2) 218 218

The are no downsides to voting online. There is no one that would try to tamper the online voting without making it obvious it is a fraud. I mean Russia would have an interest to it, but they have better chance of buying off the main parties to actually putting their candidates in power.

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