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Comment Re:A community non-profit? (Score 1) 94

Why? Honestly, I'm interested - I'm not aware of anything unique to communism that requires force to succeed.

On the other hand, doesn't any modern political system require force to succeed? How else is the rule of law enforced? How does the free market prevent me just taking what I want?

Comment Re:Isn't Uber more like a minicab than a black cab (Score 2) 216

I didn't read the article but I presume they want them to operate as minicabs, rather than black cabs. Therefore, they are not expecting them to pass the knowledge (e.g. have knowledge of the streets) but rather that they are licensed in the same way as minicabs. Effectively, Uber is an unlicensed minicab operator and that is illegal. The app makes no difference, since many minicab operators have apps where you can book a cab, get real time vehicle tracking, etc, etc.

There is no 'legal quandary' (like the summary suggests) because if you pick people up for money you must be a taxi. Whether you are a black cab or a minicab (private hire) you must be licensed. Uber is neither.

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