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Comment: Re:Wait what? (Score 1) 222

My four year old loves and plays Minecraft - its the PS3 version mostly but he has also played the PC version and had no real problem with WASD. He isn't bothered about any survival elements, just loves to build houses, railways, and muck around.

My 8 year old has also been playing it since he was 7 - on the PC and the PS3 - and never had any issues. As far as I'm aware most of his class plays it as well (although its been superseded by Terraria). He does watch a lot of these funny British guys but being British I'm happy that's its culturally closer than most of Youtube, and that its 100% child friendly without actually being aimed down that way. He also uses the web to research tips / hints and even asked me for his own web page so he could post stuff (I gave him a blogger site on my account). If your kid plays games I personally think Minecraft is a winner.

Comment: Spiritual Needs (Score 4, Interesting) 268

by JonnyCalcutta (#48233145) Attached to: Jedi-ism Becomes a Serious Religion

"For Mark Vernon, a former priest, psychotherapist and writer, says the Jedi story has real power. "The reason it's so powerful and universal is that we have to find ourselves. It's by losing ourselves and identifying with something greater like the Jedi myth that we find a fuller life."

Speak for yourself

Comment: Re:Trading Freedom for Security? (Score 2) 264

I'd mod you up if I could, that's a pretty good description and pretty much sums up my thoughts. Its a non-conspiracy of people with their own agendas, failings and short-sightedness.

I think the bit you missed though is that the problems arise when they _are_ powerful. My failings affect myself and my immediate family, theirs affect millions of people.

+ - Posting football goals on Vine is illegal, say England's Premier League.->

Submitted by JonnyCalcutta
JonnyCalcutta (524825) writes "The football Premier League in England are warning about posting goals on online services such as Vine and Twitter. The claim is that posting these clips is 'illegal under copyright laws' (not forgetting the billions payed by media companies for games' rights). I'm automatically dubious about blanket statements from rights holders already known to push the truth, especially concerning such short clips, but I don't know enough about copyright law to understand the implications fully. Is it illegal and what can they actually do about it? Does adding commentary give the uploader any rights to post?"
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