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+ - Apple Switches (Mostly) to OpenStreetMap->

Submitted by beelsebob
beelsebob writes: In the recent release of iPhoto for iOS it appears that Apple have started using OpenStreetMap's data. Unfortunately, there are still some problems. Apple are currently not applying the necessary attribution to OSM; they are using an old (from April 2010) dump of the data; and they are not using the data in the USA. Fingers crossed apple works through these issues quickly!

Apple are now one of a growing list (including geocaching, and foursquare) to Switch2OSM.

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Comment: Twitter is fragile (Score 5, Insightful) 256

by JonasH (#28508407) Attached to: Google Mistook Jackson Searches For Net Attack

Twitter's infamous 'Fail Whale' was also called into action as servers at the micro-blogging site crashed as 66,000 Tweets were made within a 60-minute period.

That's it? That's all it takes to bring Twitter to its knees? A measily 18 tweets per second? Do they manually transcribe the messages after having read that an air gap was the most effective security you could get? Or is the article plain wrong.

Seriously confused here.

Comment: Re:Gentoo Did This Years Ago (Score 5, Informative) 425

by JonasH (#27469575) Attached to: Debian Gets FreeBSD Kernel Support

Gentoo managed to get this kind of setup working years ago, didn't they?

So did Debian. Debian GNU/kFreeBSD as the port is poetically named has existed for a long time (see mailing list archives). This story is just about it being accepted as an official part of Debian. Who got there first? Who cares.

Comment: Re:FFS NO NO NO!!!! (Score 1) 429

by JonasH (#27292731) Attached to: Universal Remote's Days Are Numbered

Do one job and do it well

That's UNIX mentality, but you're applying it where it makes no sense. It's fine when you can have as many little tools as you like, but I don't want to have to carry a phone, a gps, a camera, a texting device, a pda, a handheld gaming device, etc. when I can get it all in one phone. If you want a phone that's only a phone, get one. There are plenty out there, but the vast majority of people enjoy having multiple devices in one.


+ - Rockbox / iTunes Communicate for syncing->

Submitted by DarkkOne
DarkkOne writes: Though it won't be included in their upcoming 3.2 release (due in a week), Rockbox hackers have developed a patch to allow some players (those with software controlled USB) to answer the iTunes SCSI inquiries and convince it they're an iPod that can be synced with. Among other things, this currently allows Rockbox to tell iTunes we can support WAV files recorded at frequencies not normally able to be synced to an iPod. This comes on the heels of (and as an extension to) the new USB stack inside Rockbox. The image in the article may not prove anything, but the code is available on the Rockbox patch tracker for any to play with. This, among other things, allows iTunes to sync to players without specialized scripts. For those who wish to use the iTunes music store to buy their newly DRM-freed music but want a little more choice in the hardware department, this could soon be the answer.
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Comment: Re:Correlation is not causation (Score 1) 307

by JonasH (#26659949) Attached to: 45% of Dutch Media-Buying Population Are "Pirates"

all a groups copyrighted work was suddenly available for download for free

I keep seeing this mentioned, yet Youtube only holds 47 shortish Monty Python clips. Where can I see the rest of their stuff then? Do people simply not care, and just assume that everyone else is right when they say that MP put all their stuff online?

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