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Comment Re: At what point do we reevaluate the position (Score 2) 213

Given that most western socialized medical systems provide the same quality or superior medical care compared with the US while paying less tax dollars per citizen for that care than the US does I fail to see any reason not to socialize healthcare.

Do you really like paying more to subsidize an industry with a market that will bare literally anything the consumer can pay when you could enjoy a tax cut and provide every citizen with complete healthcare?

Last time I went to the hospital I had a broken humerus. It needed to be immobilized and morphine delivered immediately. Instead they left me in the waiting room and wandering around with it loose for four hours. The staff was mostly hanging out chatting during this time. When I finally got in I noted no shortage of empty emergency stalls and was given a quick x-ray and a sling for a rotor cuff injury (no relation to my broken bone) along with a shot of morphine and a script for pain pills.

Quality of care: I should sue them.
Time spent treating me: Maybe 15-20min
Cost to hospital for the tests: Lets go off the charts and call it $1.
Bill: $3,000 and counting, as you are double billed by the hospital for the service and again by each person you walked near.

Which part of this do you actually believe is consistent with the nonsense spouted by those opposed to socialized medicine who claim we have the "best care in the world" and that "waits will be outrageous?" The only place I've found decent speed of service (less than 40min combined waits) in the US is in the offices of surgeons and dentists looking to provide unneeded and overpriced care on the order of tens of thousands of dollars.

Comment Re: At what point do we reevaluate the position (Score 1) 213

I assume by that you mean eliminate all forms of employment freelance/contractual arrangements that are de facto employment? Or at least 100% employee owned with equal stakes private companies with total personal liability. Sure, I'd be down but I suspect there would be a lot of opposition.

Comment Re:I'm not surprised (Score 2) 107

No licensing required... but how about making them liable? I'm not a big fan of a litigious society of ambulance chasers (or lawyers in general), and I don't think IT or "security" firms should pay damages for every single thing that can possibly go wrong, but in a case of gross negligence like leaving default passwords or having no encryption whatsoever on links, they should be at least held liable for damages suffered.

Comment Three cheers for selfishness! (Score 1, Interesting) 55

It works at three levels: 1. Selfish ... It's fine for people to play the game at level one, because they are also helping others learn and work their way up the skill ladder

Wow - that is a really cool observation. Atwood just went way up in my estimation for expressing this.

Comment Re:Question for Bernie Sanders (Score 1) 213

Probably because no one knows and/or cares about Chavez and/or his policies?

That's decidedly not true about Senator Sanders' followers. Whether he is a real Socialist or not, plenty of people, who fancy themselves as such follow him. And Chavez was the world's number one Socialist just a few years ago. Indeed, he was once a special guest of the World Social Forum.

So, no, you aren't going to succeed playing "Chavez who?". You yourself have now replied thrice in this thread, and yet can not point at a single thing, Sanders would do differently from Chavez... Figures...

Comment Re:Question for Bernie Sanders (Score 1) 213

Bernie Sanders isn't a socialist.

Must we keep using the labels and stereotypes? I'm about to get triggered...

So asking him about Chavez is entirely irrelevant.

Several people responded in this sub-thread of mine, some of them — multiple times. And yet, not one was willing (or able?) to offer a single policy difference...

Comment Re:False sense of security (Score 4, Insightful) 213

"Welcome to being an entrepreneur. You want time off? You earn enough to take some time. You want work/life balance? You earn it. Sometimes getting there requires working pretty hard for a while. You talk about work/life balance as if it is something you are entitled to have rather than something you earn. There's nothing wrong with working for someone else but very few people can earn a substantial income without a lot of time, effort and risk."

A freelancer is hardly a true entrepreneur. A freelancer is effectively an employee without benefits. Freelancers are capped by the market rates for staff plus the cost of providing them benefits. This is quite different than truly being an entrepreneur making the value of what he is producing. There is a huge gap between the market rate for labor and the market value of a laborers output... if there weren't nobody would hire employees or entrepreneurs. Actual entrepreneurs are exploiting this to make a profit on the work of others without adding value themselves (at least not beyond the value of any one of the workers) and they absolutely owe those workers benefits.

60% of business ventures fail and most of the ones that don't fail aren't profitable in the first five years. You better have one hell of a safety net to be taking that kind of roll of the dice. It does depend on the business of course but the only ones I know of that significantly improve that outlook are effectively just employment opportunities minus benefits.

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