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Comment Re:Anything NK does is suspicious (Score 2) 211

Because it worked so well back in 1940 with Japan.

Aggressive military dictatorships aren't always deterred by anything less than war. Can you think of a measure less than war that would have deterred Japan from its path of conquest in Asia and war against America? Surrender doesn't count.

. . . amid all their paranoia and psychopathy they are honestly scared about what happens to non-nuclear countries once USA tells them "you are not my friend" and how different it is when the one at the receiving end is an ICBM-capable country.

Your theory needs some adjustments. North Korea was at war with South Korea, the UN powers, and through that the US before there were ICBMs. You're trying to paint a 60 year old war with a 10 year old brush and it doesn't work. Many countries have had an interest in nuclear arms and many of them were US allies. I don't think your idea holds water. North Korea wants nuclear weapons for the power, not just to use against the US.

By the way, did you take any notice of what happened to the "friends" of the USSR that went off script? East Germany? Hungary? Czechoslovakia? Afghanistan? I don't recall the US invading a friendly nation like that.

Comment Re: so what? (Score 1) 211

There are actually a great many people from South America, the Middle East, and Vietnam in the US now, and they seem to agree. There are also those back in their homelands that would agree as well .... only quietly, when nobody is watching, so they don't end up in prison or dead. The so called "reeducation camps" are murder.

Comment Re:so what? (Score 1) 211

You misunderstand things. The US Congress has approved military operations on many occasions by issuing an Authorization for Use of Military Force. They are legally equivalent to a declaration of war. That is the basis for the current armed action against al Qaida and Daesh, for example.

Many people in the US and on Slashdot have the mistaken belief that the magic words "Declaration of War" are needed for US military operations to take place and be legal and that is not the case.

There is nothing unconstitutional about it, not exploiting of procedural loopholes. Congress has the power to exercise how they see fit.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy much ? (Score 1) 211

Iran has a dual purpose. It is known to have had a nuclear weapons program. They have also made their interest in genocide clear. Will it still be "good on them" if they land a bomb on you? North Korea continues to improve the missiles for its nuclear bombs.

And now we come to it - lots of love for those that proclaim their desire to destroy America, not so much for America. Your "love" for America seems to display itself by embracing those that wish to destroy it. Fan of Chomsky by any chance?

As for Google, let me help you. The Iranian government hates the United States because it is an Islamist revolutionary government that wants to spread the "Islamic revolution", become the world leader to Muslims, and destroy Israel (another ally before the revolution and blameless for Iran's hate) and the US. You probably think it has something to do with the 1950s counter-coup restoring the Shaw to power, but you are wrong. The US didn't overthrown a democratic government in Iran, the Prime Minister did that by dissolving parliament, ruling by decree, faking an election, and driving out the head of state (the Shah). The US did nothing to make itself the enmy of Iran, that is the choice of the government of the Iranian Islamic Revolution.

The US and North Korea are IN A STATE OF WAR. There is no peace treaty from the Korean War, only a cease fire. So you are cheering on a self-declared enemy of the United States that regularly expresses a desire, a goal of destroying the US.

Still not seeing the love for the US in this. Maybe if you started sharing of your "list of atrocities" committed by the US, as you previously offered, I would see the love. (Or is that along the lines of: I'd love to see the US destroyed"?) Are any of those "atrocities" newer than 125 years old?

Here is something for you to google: oikophobia

Well, who are we kidding? You apparently couldn't be troubled to read the two links I previously provided. (Or do you have another "good om them" waiting for North Korea for their actions in those links?)

Any chance that you're British or Australian?

Comment Re:Hypocrisy much ? (Score 1) 211

BTW - You may "decide what I'm about", but we only get to see what you display. When you display appreciation for progress in the development of the most destructive class of weapons known to humanity by two sworn enemies of America, both of which have explicitly expressed their desire to destroy America, and then you offer to come up with a list of "atrocities" committed by America, it is hard to see the "love." Really.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy much ? (Score 1) 211

I have little problem with America having nukes. I simply extend the same favour to the North Koreans, as should you.

Why on earth should anyone think that North Korea and Iran having nuclear weapons is a good idea? Those are two of the more extreme regimes on earth. Iran especially given its backing of terrorism and unrest across the region and now globe. North Korea literally allowed millions to starve to death when it could have devoted a tiny fraction of its military budget to feed them and regularly threatens the peace of its neighbors, including both South Korea and Japan.


Video Gamers From the '90s Have Turned Out Mostly OK (arstechnica.com) 104

A study reported on by Ars Technica indicates that video games, much ballyhooed (alleged) source of mental, physical and psycho-social ills for the kids who spent a lot of time playing them, don't seem to have had quite as big a negative effect on those kids as the moral panic of the past few decades would have you believe. Instead, There didn't seem to be an association between the number of games the children reported owning and an increase in risk for conduct disorder. When examining depression among shoot-em-up players, there was evidence for increased risk before the researchers controlled for all the confounding factors, but not afterwards. Of course, there's a lot of data to go around in the several studies referred to here, and the upshot seems to both less exciting and less simple than "Video games are good, not bad!"

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