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Comment: Man...I haven't used it for years... (Score 0) 187 187

But as I recall it was pretty awesome. I replaced it with some basic home router at one point, then after getting fed up with the lack of SNMP support put in Zentyal. Pretty happy with that as I was able to get netatalk running on it for Time Finder backups on Mac.

Comment: Of course they are... (Score 0) 255 255

India shows some semblance of common sense, and immediately Big Pharma has to come crying to lawmakers in Washington to cry about how they can't gouge the rest of the world and watch millions die without proper care because they need 4th and 5th beach homes.

Comment: Re:Mapping Wifi? What for? (Score 1) 113 113

I still question how useful this really is. Given that I generally have to replace my Wi-Fi Router/WAP every couple of years, often changing my SSID when I do. If this isn't constantly getting updated, then it would seem that its essentially useless as soon as a certain percentage of SSIDs change.

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