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Comment Re:TL;DR? (Score 1) 208

It depends on the job. Some jobs it's not relevant, other jobs it is. For a general purpose programmer, the more they understand the better.

Sure, a library for the common problems already exists, but if you can't provide a reasonable stab at the standard stuff yourself, then you have no chance of solving the unique problems that you may run across. Also, if you're familiar with the algorithms used for standard operations: reverse, random shuffle, sort, that kind of thing, then you will recognise when aspects of your problem already have solutions.

You may as well ague there's no point teaching kids to add and subtract by themselves because they can use a calculator.

Comment Re:Lack of protection (Score 4, Informative) 239

Something was rotten in the state of denmark.

Snowden's revelations caused a huge shakeup in the intelligence community. Such as a federal judge ruling that the NSAs blanket collection was unconstitutional. If things were right beforehand, none of this would have happened

Comment Re:Reasons things fail (Score 2) 118

Do you think the people running corporate IT programs are spending their own money ?

No, ok.. well, do you have any evidence that large government run IT programs are more prone to failure than large commercial sector IT programs ?

I think it's more a question of people are not very smart and large scale software development is hard.

Comment Interesting (Score 5, Interesting) 72

Kernel bypass plus zero copy are, of course, old-hat. Worked on such stuff at Lightfleet, back when it did this stuff called work. Infiniband and the RDMA Consortium had been working on it for longer yet.

What sort of performance increase can you achieve?

Well, Ethernet latencies tend to run into milliseconds for just the stack. Tens, if not hundreds, of milliseconds for anything real. Infiniband can achieve eight microsecond latencies. SPI can get down to two milliseconds.

So you can certainly achieve the sorts of latency improvements quoted. It's hard work, especially when operating purely in software, but it can actually be done. It's about bloody time, too. This stuff should have been standard in 2005, not 2015! Bloody slowpokes. Back in my day, we had to shovel our own packets! In the snow! Uphill! Both ways!

Comment Door question (Score 1) 323

officially unveiled its Model X SUV

A much more fortunate choice than "Model V SUX" would have been.

But seriously: I hope it's viable to open those rear doors when parked a typical distance from an adjacent car in a parking lot.

Comment Strawman! (Score 1) 130

AS opposed to what? Having an article written about in a science journal about another planet that no one cares about, just to dick measure? Let's face it, there's not much in space exploration at this moment that is anything more than pure entertainment, machine or non-machine. Getting an exact date on the end of the universe isn't going to change anything, and in any case, even if the universe did end, there's not a damn thing we can do about it anyway. So in essence, you argument of sending machines to gather content for your entertainment is no more valid than someone who wants people on the red planet. But, if we keep sending people out there, we will figure out a way to do it less expensively, and there's plenty of people that would go, simply because the earth is too big of a pain in the rear for them.

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