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Comment Unbelievable (Score 2, Informative) 686 686

Unbelievably stupid idea. I'm sorry to the citizens of the USA, but is it any wonder that most of the rest of the world thinks that your country is populated, at least 50%, by morons? Global warming? Peak oil? Pollution? Oh wait: Intelligent Design. God will no doubt save you.


5 Concerns About Australia's New Net Filter 158 158

daria42 writes "As you might have heard, this month Australia gets a new Internet filter, using Interpol's blacklist of 'worst of the worst' child pornography sites. In general, it seems like most people don't object to the idea in principle, but concerns are being raised around the transparency of the scheme, which so far has no civilian oversight, unclear backing legislation and an appeals process which does not exactly inspire confidence. Why is it those who want to implement this kind of filtering never quite address these sort of concerns up-front?"

Submission + - Sony PlayStation Network is Down-> 4 4

JohnWilliams writes: The Sony PlayStation Network appears either to be down, or inaccessible to older ("phat") PS3 units. Players cannot play games that require a connection, even in single-player, offline mode, e.g. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Also, the system date resets to January 1, 2000. Sony is "working on it ..."

Speculation abounds that it is a bug related to 2010 being a leap year.

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Comment Was Peter Calthorpe on crack? (Score 1, Insightful) 424 424

Quote: "Still, as architect Peter Calthorpe wrote in 1985: 'The city is the most environmentally benign form of human settlement. Each city dweller consumes less land, less energy, less water, and produces less pollution than his counterpart in settlements of lower densities."

Can anyone in their right mind take this seriously? How much land, energy, water, produce and pollution is made outside cities in order to produce the food and material goods that are transporting into cities for city-dwellers to consume? It also seems reasonable that cities produce a more materialistic lifestyle than small towns.

Was Calthorpe's statement based on any actual research, or just armchair bluster?

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