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Comment mess (Score 1) 2

that is on par with the royal mess called Microsoft

i have had to reinstall win 7 twice do to Windows shooting it's SELF in the head with a 45 cal .
i have OpensSUSE and Scientific on a box with win7

the first time win IGNORED my "notify only" and auto upgraded ( tried and FAILED) "win update" and started a reboot -- into GRUB2 the default

what came out the other side was not pretty

YOU NEED to reset the bios to set windows bootloader as default
then boot into windows

if windowes is not the first partition on the first drive
the current state of updates WILL KILL THE INSTALL!!!!!!!!!
the current win updates need to be able to write th the WINDOWS MBR and reboot into it

basically Microsoft is making a royal F'ING MESS if you dual boot

the upside is i will NEVER!!!!!! be reinstalling windows ever again

if a update shoots it's self
windows is off the machine


Comment Re:What is really worrying ... (Score 1) 108

then you have not read the "linuxQuestions" forum
the bleeped bleeps that do not even BOTHER to read and study the documentation and think a few mouse cklicks will install and CONFIGURE it

i am in the group that ENCOURAGES that new to Apache people build the stack from source and manually install the parts about 12 times
then use the package manager to save 30 min to 1 hour on install time

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