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Comment: re (Score 1) 73

by JohnVanVliet (#48664037) Attached to: Docker Image Insecurity

just another example of the "bleep'ed ed bleep" that passes for a good idea

it REALLY is time for a X30+ solar flare to kill the electricity for 10 years

then MAYBE we will have had time to well THINK FIRST!!!
and change the priories from
new and "Bleeped up"
to stable and SECURE

Comment: law zero (Score 0) 417

by JohnVanVliet (#48566155) Attached to: AI Expert: AI Won't Exterminate Us -- It Will Empower Us

i do beg to differ
the forth law of robotics
-- LAW 0 ( zero ) !!!

the current human population is a UNSUSTAINABLE levels
for various reasons a world population of about 2.5 to 3.5 - 4.0 Billion is sustainable

law 0 would allow for the REMOVAL of 4 billion people from the planet
( something WE humans are unwilling to do at this time )

+ - "Calibration" error changes Illinois touchscreen votes-> 4

Submitted by BobandMax
BobandMax (95054) writes "In a truly shocking occurrence, a Cook County, Illinois touchscreen voting device changed votes from Republican to Democrat. Voting officials removed the machine and determined that a calibration error was at fault. The voter who brought the problem to their attention, Republican state representative candidate Jim Moynihan, was later "allowed" to vote for Republicans. Some things never change, regardless technology."
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+ - NASA awards "space taxi" contracts to both Boeing and SpaceX->

Submitted by ugen
ugen (93902) writes "Contrary to the rumor posted on Slashdot earlier today, "NASA will partner with Boeing and SpaceX to build commercially owned and operated "space taxis" to fly astronauts to the International Space Station, ending U.S. dependence on Russia for rides, officials said on Tuesday... Boeing was awarded $4.2 billion to SpaceX's $2.6 billion. ""
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+ - Border Patrol Steals LEGAL Ivory Bagpipes->

Submitted by schwit1
schwit1 (797399) writes "The U.S. prohibits importing ivory taken after 1976. Even though the boys had certificates showing their ivory is older — Campbell's pipes date to 1936 — U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized the pipes in Highgate Springs, Vermont. Well, not all of them: The boys took every other part possible and left the ivory with Border Patrol so nobody else could make a full set out of the parts."
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