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Comment: ipv6 (Score 1, Interesting) 288

by JohnVanVliet (#49515395) Attached to: Why the Journey To IPv6 Is Still the Road Less Traveled

few things
Microsoft windows XP
Microsoft windows server 2003
Microsoft windows server 2005 ( without the non MS patch )
will NEVER use ipv6 they are forever stuck on ipv4

and the idiots at Comcast !!!!!!!!!

whenever is enable ipv6 on SUSE or RHEL6 and using Xfinity
the modem runs into a ram overflow VERY FAST

Comcast says they support it but it is one F'ED up version of something that almost resembles IPv6

+ - Windows remains vulnerable to serious 18-year-old SMB security flaw->

Submitted by Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson writes: A serious security hole leaves millions of Windows users open to attack, making it possible to extract encrypted credentials from a target machine. Researchers at Cylance say the problem affects "any Windows PC, tablet or server" (including Windows 10) and is a slight progression of the Redirect to SMB attack discovered by Aaron Spangler way back in 1997.

Redirect to SMB is essentially a man-in-the-middle attack which involves taking control of a network connection. As the name suggests, victims are then redirected to a malicious SMB server which can extract usernames, domains and passwords. Cylance also reports that software from companies such as Adobe, Oracle and Symantec — including security and antivirus tools — are affected.

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Comment: gimp (Score 2) 2

by JohnVanVliet (#49427195) Attached to: 7 - Why does Gimp depend on systemd?

i have been building the gimp source ( stable and development) since 2001
on windows ( MinGW ) and one time only and NEVER AGAIN in Visual studio
the full development tree
from libpng to gegl and gtk2

and it builds JUST fine on OpenSUSE with systemV
and ScientificLinux 6 using systemD

and it DOSE NOT!!! depend on Gnome being installed
i HATE!!! GNOME 3 with a passion and run KDE4 with NO!!! gnome desktop installed


rpm's or deb's from OLD unsupported repos or from untrusted people ??????
who knows

+ - uTorrent can steal your CPU cycles to mine Bitcoins->

Submitted by mlauzon
mlauzon writes: Engadget is reporting that the most recent version of uTorrent [3.4.2] is installing Epic Scale in the background to mine for Bitcoins and steal your computers CPU cycles, and BitTorrent Inc. reaps the rewards and you get nothing. It's bad enough that BitTorrent had to include ads in uTorrent, but this is icing on their cake. My suggestion is to jump ship and show BitTorrent Inc. that it can't do what it's doing and get away with it. Check out qBittorrent (, a completely open source client licensed under GPLv2.
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Comment: script (Score 1) 5

not a great idea
for example if there is a flash update
and there have been MANY back to back every few days

you will need to agree to the CLOSED SOURCE [b] END USER AGREEMENT [/b]

for ubuntu there is a desktop gui widget

just manually check IF there are updates
but do not just blindly try to auto install them

look at them first

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