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Comment gnome (Score 1) 267 267

i have to disagree

as a VERY LONG time gnome user
gnome1 and 2
gnome3 sucks and DROVE me to KDE

now to be fair
i was using a ton of QT based GUI programs on gnome2
even using KDM to log into Gnome

The current KDE4 on OpenSUSE is very usable
-- a few too many configuration tools and options but that is better than too FEW

Submission + - FBI wants Pirate Bay logs for criminal investigation into copyright trolls.->

the simurgh writes: It has been revealed today that In the past few months, two of the Pirate Bay co-founders have been repeatedly questioned by Swedish authorities, acting on behalf of the FBI. the internet now has clear evidence that Prenda is indeed being investigated by the US Government for uploading their own copyrighted content in torrents placed onto The Pirate Bay, for the sole purpose of creating a honeypot trap to sue over pirated downloads. the full story is included in the link below
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Comment spam (Score 0) 269 269

I DO NOT!!!! use my isp's email

the LAST time i was using a Comcast mail i was getting 500+ spams EVERY DAY!!!!
and was informed to use Microsoft Outlook to filter them out on my LINUX ( rhel) install

so basically i told Comcast to F-OFF and changed the comcast billing email to a new Gmail

With Gmail i get about 2 spams a month

Comment re (Score 1) 2 2

i no longer have a facebook page
( i told FB to go shove a dry shucked corncob where the sun do not shine)

but if the cause is lobbyists and $$$$$$$ people taking the bribes
  ( yes there are bribes and not campaign donations)

there is really not much that can be done

except use the "still" somewhat freepress

Real programs don't eat cache.