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Comment: script (Score 1) 5

not a great idea
for example if there is a flash update
and there have been MANY back to back every few days

you will need to agree to the CLOSED SOURCE [b] END USER AGREEMENT [/b]

for ubuntu there is a desktop gui widget

just manually check IF there are updates
but do not just blindly try to auto install them

look at them first

Comment: Re:Hello microwave (Score 1) 181

" I also don't understand how a drive can be ruled as evidence if nothing is yet discovered on the hard drive. I don't understand how the prosecution can ask for a default judgement without solid compelling evidence of a crime. Without a discovery of the drives contents I'm assuming they had other evidence.

they DO
it is a IP address that anyone in the world could have spoofed
very very very week evidence

Comment: re (Score 1) 112

by JohnVanVliet (#48701363) Attached to: Over 78% of All PHP Installs Are Insecure

not surprising at all
over at LinuxQuestions we had a rash of

H E L P ! ! !
I just installed RHEL6.0 ( unlicensed !!!)
i just installed Fedora 12 ,or 13,or14 ( fedora 21 is current)

and !! NO KIDDING !!!
i just installed RH7.2 ( the rh7.2 from 1996 )
i just installed RH9 ( from 2001 )
and a few
"i just installed RHEL4.0 " ( RHEL 7.0 is current)

and this was only in the redhat family

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