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Submission + - The Tamagochi Singularity Made Real: Infinite Tamagochi Living on the Internet (

szczys writes: Everyone loves Tamagochi, little electronic keychains spawned in the 90's let you raise your digital pets. Some time ago, XKCD made a quip about an internet based matrix of thousands of these digital entities. That quip is now a reality thanks to elite hardware hacker Jeroen Domburg (aka Sprite_TM). In his recent talk called The Tamagochi Singularity at the Hackaday SuperConference he revealed that he had built an infinite network of virtual Tamagochi by implementing the original hardware as a virtual machine. This included developing AI to keep them happy, and developing a protocol to emulate their IR interactions. But he went even further, hacking an original keychain to use wirelessly as a console which can look in on any of the virtual Tamagochi living on his underground network. This full-stack process is unparalleled in just about every facet: complexity, speed of implementation, awesome factor, and will surely spark legions of other Tamagochi Matrices.

Comment Re:so... now they want to ban knowledge (Score 1) 302

Wasn't that program actually started under the Bush administration?

Well, yes but that's misleading.

So that Obama and Holder ended up taking all manner of shit from the Rabid Right--including a massive anti-Holder PR campaign by the NRA--for continuing to do what their guy had started?

This is the misleading part. The operation that became Fast and Furious began under the Bush administration as Wide Receiver but the program was vastly different under the Obama administration.

There was nearly seven times more guns allowed to walk during the Obama administration than under Bush. The Bush administration ended Wide Receiver in 2007 when they had issues with inadequate tracking. None of the Bush era guns have been used in homicides in the US. The Bush era program notified Mexican law enforcement of guns that they expected would cross the border, that didn't happen under Obama.

Whether you choose to chalk it up to incompetence or malice, there were many differences between Wide Receiver and Fast and Furious that show the Obama administration's operation was a wholly different beast.


Comment Re:Hopefully this is temporary (Score 1) 185

It's about licensing enforcement most assuredly. They're trying to deprecate existing installations of Windows 7 via a physical over-write with Windows 10. They DO NOT want you using the same key to keep both installations of Windows 7 and Windows 10 at the same time. So they force the issue by insuring you can't just do a clean install without first upgrading the key within the existing installation of Windows 7 first. Microsoft released a newer ISO, found out it broke this licensing enforcement model, and now are pulling it ASAP out of realization. That's the only thing I can conclude from all this.

Comment Is he really this stupid? (Score 1) 162

Is he really this stupid? Nothing in those first two months gives the kid the advantage. For a good chunk of that time the child will be functionally unable to see much of anything. Bonding with the mother and establishing healthy sleeping and feeding habits will be more important than having him around.

The point of these studies are that the ability to take time off CORRELATES to better outcomes, not that they are CAUSED by taking this time off. Being the type of dad who can take time off, who is financially stable, who is involved, who is willing, etc are all related to having better outcomes at all the little points in time that add up to influence the outcomes of a child.

Zuckerberg is probably missing the pages of virtually every long-term study every performed which show, pretty decisively, that parental income is the single best indicator to positive educational and life outcomes.

Comment Re:Channel Bonding (Score 1) 91

NIC Teaming and NIC bonding are two different things. What you're talking about is NIC Teaming. What's needed is Bonding. But that has to be supported all the way from the NIC, to the modem, and everything else in between (switch, router, etc)

What is the difference between NIC Teaming and Bonding

>NIC Teaming uses one of two methods, failover, and load-balancing with fail over. With a team you do not get a single 2gb connection (with two 1 gb NICs). You get two pipes that act as one, but merely are load balancing the traffic over each NIC, and each NIC acts as a fail over to the other. If you transfer a 100 gb file, you are not going to get 2gb of throughputyou still only get 1 gb, but you will not kill the network performance because the second NIC is still available to service other traffic.

True bonding would be taking two NICs and bonding them together to get a single fat pipe. This requires the switch to support this as well. I have not seen much bonding in the server worldmore done at the network level.

VMWare acts the same way. It is purely load balancing and fail over. Since VMWare is done at the OS level, you can mix and match different vendor NICs in a team. I have done this without issue. Just make sure they are on the HCL.

Comment Re:Is China involved in this project? (Score 1) 193

Yeah, on the cheap. You really don't want to know how badly they cut corners in civil engineering. It has nothing to do with capability; it has everything to due with corruption in materials and last minute change-outs. In some cases, omission of materials entirely. For example, no rebar in concrete when it was specifically called for and certified as having been used when in fact it wasn't.

Comment Re:But do we still need fusion? (Score 1) 193

*while fusion has the potential to provide more energy than harvestable insolation, this would represent a massive injection of heat into the biosphere and I doubt that would have good implications for climate change. It is also hard to imagine what we could possibly do with that much energy without causing serious issues."

Geothermal produces a LOT of energy. The planet expels this energy out into space as IR radiation, as do the oceans that have all that thermal momentum. So unless you're talking about humanity covering the Earth into a Borg-like mechasphere (opposed to a biosphere) plotted with fusion reactors, we won't have fuck-all impact on the planet.

Submission + - Hillary Clinton campaign bullies comedians mocking her (

mi writes: A video of the short performance, which is less than three minutes, is posted on the website of the renowned club, Laugh Factory, and the Clinton campaign has tried to censor it. Besides demanding that the video be taken down, the Clinton campaign has demanded the personal contact information of the performers that appear in the recording. This is no laughing matter for club owner Jamie Masada, a comedy guru who opened Laugh Factory more than three decades ago and has been instrumental in launching the careers of many famous comics. “They threatened me,” Masada told Judicial Watch. “I have received complains before but never a call like this, threatening to put me out of business if I don’t cut the video.”

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