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Comment: Re:UK needs to be run by corporations like America (Score 2) 266 266

It's working a lot better than in the US where the standard of health is at the same levels as a 3rd world country. Also where society is collapsing to the point where everyone is after each other and the police are shooting everyone, like a country ran by a tyrannical dictator.

Comment: Re:Can we use this? (Score 1) 157 157

"Even if this doesn't give us faster-than-light communications"
You acknowledge communications are impossible using QE pairs (which is correct as passing information via entangled particles is not possible)

"Imagine a submarine with one of a pair of particles in a transmitter. Wiggle (bounce, or whatever) that particle and watch its partner on land. You now have a comm link"
Then you go on to contradict yourself by discussing communications using QE particles, which is not possible.

It's also *not* proving a negative as there is no proof of absence involved here.

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