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Submission + - CVS to sell $100 Sylvania netbook and $179 ereader

JohnRoss1968 writes: From Engadget.

Watch out Kmart, CVS is getting its very own $100 smartbook and $180 e-reader and there's nothing you can do about it! We've gotten a hold of some marketing materials which confirm that this fall your neighborhood drugstore will be stocking a Sylvania netbook running Windows CE and a color e-reader. There aren't too many details on the little laptop itself, although we can only guess that the thing will be very similar to many of the other cheap smartbooks we've seen lately. Oh, it does claim to be able to stream video / YouTube, but we'll believe it when we see it play Bieber's Segway escape without freezing up. There are a few more details on the 7-inch LookBook e-reader after the break, but it will pack 512MB of storage space, a full keyboard and will have access to Kobo's e-book store. Seems like some good old cheap tech to us, but we're willing to bet that more than a few CVS shoppers will be tempted to throw one of these into the basket along with the deodorant and shampoo.

How cheap do you think things like net-books and tablet computers will get, and can you think of odd uses for ultra-cheap tablets and net-books.

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