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Comment Re: Oh bullshit! (Score -1, Flamebait) 320 320

Actually, its "PRESIDENT Obama", and you may want to check the voting record of your favoritw rwpublican slimeball...its THEY who want the corporations to own the government, its the democrats who want to keep them in check. Last I checked, the government is supposed to be "By the PEOPLE, of the PEOPLE and for the PEOPLE"! I see nothing in our Constitution that says that corporations and their interests ahould be above that.

Comment Re:It's almost sane(really) (Score 1) 502 502

That was exactly my point. Governments and foreign companies are NOT going to want their data to be available to the US Government, which, by the way, not only has been found spying on ALLIES, but also found to engage in COMMERCIAL espionage...stealing secrets to benefit American corporations! This is going to cement the idea that American tech companies must not ever be trusted with sensitive information...or any information at all. Say goodbye to the BILLIONS of dollars in Windows and Office revenue that these provide, and say goodbye to any revenue they were counting on for "cloud based" services!

Comment Re:It's almost sane(really) (Score 4, Insightful) 502 502

That is the best analogy I have seen so far. Moreover, it allows the US to search the house WITHOUT the consent or cooperation of the foreign government! The EU has laws protecting the data of it's citizens. By complying with US law, and allowing the data to be handed over to US authorities, they will be in violation of the EU laws! This puts MS (and every other American tech company) in a VERY awkward position! Do they break US law or EU law? Either way, they will be breaking SOMEONE'S laws, whether they hand over the data or not! This is also going to accelerate the decline of the use American tech overseas. Germany has already stated that they are moving to open source software, due in no small part to the NSA's overreaching spying programs...and the UK has also expressed interest in moving away from Microsoft products and services. Expect those governments, as well as other foreign and multinational corporations to move even more quickly away from US tech to keep their data secure and away from the prying eyes of the NSA, CIA and other US agencies! Another casualty here will be the "cloud". NO ONE outside of the US is going to trust their sensitive data with Amazon, Microsoft, or Google (or any others based in the US) if the US takes the position that all data, stored ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, is subject to their laws and could be searched and/or seized at any given moment, with or without the consent, permission or knowledge of foreign governments! This court just, single-handedly, shot the entire American tech sector squarely in the balls. It's going to have ramifications that will take YEARS to sort out.

Comment Yes, jail and criminal charges should be used... (Score 1) 135 135

Just not against "infringers"...instead, they should jail the copyright maximalists, the MPAA, and the government stooges who pervert criminal justice systems to pad the recording industries bottom line! Enough of this! It's time that everyone, as members of so-called "free" societies REJECT the corporate takeover of our governments!

Comment Re:Get rid of gold acct for Netflix (Score 2) 227 227

If you are indeed a "heavy gamer" you should pass on the XB1. ALL multiplatform games are going to run better on the PS4! DVR? Xbox One is NOT a DVR (except for recording and uploading game clips). The voice controls work...about 80% of the prepared to repeat yourself constantly. FOR GAMING, the PS4 is the one to get. If you are impressed by GIMMICKS, by all means, get an Xbox.

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