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Comment: Good for Fans of Classical Music (Score 1) 280

by JohnG307 (#20168933) Attached to: Amazon Invests In Dynamic Pricing Model For MP3s
As a lover of classical music, I applaud this model. A search of their site shows most of the classical pieces to be under ten cents. However, as I expected, the selection is practically non-existent. Searching for "Tchaikovsky" yields ONE result. It's too bad too, because classical music fans have been so long-snubbed by the digital music download industry-- iTunes is particularly broken-- while their selection is decent, the iTMS contract states that songs over seven minutes cannot be purchased individually. No surprise that classical tracks are hardly ever under this limit. Hopefully Amazon's acquisition of this company, combined with Amazon's wide collection of classical CDs, will make for a much more robust classical selection in the future.

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