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Comment: Yes, formula difference? (Score 1) 489

by SuperKendall (#49564575) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

There has to be more differences in the formulas that just the sweetener me thinks.

I didn't phrase my post at all well, and ended off on a tangent... but this is exactly the question I meant to ask with my subject.

I'm really curious if there are other differences besides just the sweetener between diet and non-diet drinks.

Comment: This case is not about Spokeo or data (Score 3, Insightful) 54

by MobyDisk (#49564181) Attached to: Supreme Court To Consider Data Aggregation Suit Against Spokeo

Before everyone gets upset about data collection: This Supreme Court case is not about Spokeo's data collection. It is about who has the right to sue and under what circumstances. Even if the Supreme Court rules in favor of this individual, all it means is that the individual can continue their suit. It is not a ruling for or against Spokeo's data.

Comment: Native is fine for forms/charts (Score 1) 135

by SuperKendall (#49563031) Attached to: Has the Native Vs. HTML5 Mobile Debate Changed?

There are a number of native libraries devoted to quickly defining and presenting working forms in iOS.

For charts, there are a number of really excellent solutions that cost money, but not much and they deliver really nice, dynamic graphs with many options.

If I were doing a heavy enterprise form app I'd still go native.

Comment: Common Goals (Score 1) 135

by SuperKendall (#49562915) Attached to: Has the Native Vs. HTML5 Mobile Debate Changed?

Except most app developers want to target as many users across as many devices as possible

Say, isn't that what Malware and Spyware authors want too?

It makes very little financial sense to spend months on a native app that runs on handful of devices

"Handful" = > 500 million... that's just for iOS. Android has more.

I'd say 500 million potential customers warrants SOME degree of effort.

Also if it's so easy for me to build out something mediocre in PhoneGap that works for everyone, doesn't that mean the inevitable Chinese clone comes out on my tail all the faster?

Comment: Feedback Loop (Score 2) 371

it would generate more energy that it used...Clearly that would cause the car to never be able to stop, and always continue increasing in velocity.

That is not a problem; you reverse the polarity to the regenerative braking system, and feed the excess power into that to stop. I call it the "degenerative braking system"

Comment: Why do all diet drinks taste vile (Score 3, Insightful) 489

by SuperKendall (#49561585) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

It seems like no matter what they use in diet drinks, all of them have a pretty horrific aftertaste that I get after just one sip.

Instead of diet drinks, I mostly drink water or just less soda. I used to drink a ton of soda but now half a can is enough for me - do be afraid to just throw out half a cup or can. It's just soda.

Comment: Really did not like that also (Score 1) 317

by SuperKendall (#49557871) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed

I greatly disliked that if I wanted to comment on some stupid video, it was linked to a wok related identifier (since I have a Google apps for business account).

Basically I stopped commenting on YouTube videos at all and greatly reduced my watching of them... hmm, perhaps I should thank them. :-)

Comment: Idea likely started with Jobs (Score 1) 93

by SuperKendall (#49556327) Attached to: Apple's Next Frontier Is Your Body

When it was launched I found it more interesting than the watch which was presented at the same event.

I thought the same, I couldn't believe news about this was more widespread as it's really a far bigger deal in the long-term.

I also think that this initiative would not hace come from Jobs.

I think given his health problems he would have been rather big on ways to understand disease better so that his could have been prevented much earlier.

If lots and lots of people start gathering data over time, the history of which can be shared with researchers, perhaps there can be found some signs that you should have tests done early on for some conditions that get worse later...

And even habitually Apple bashing slashdotters must grudgingly respect that it is open source.

No they "must" not. If that were true they would have done so with WebKit, LLVM, etc. Instead they ignore these things, and secretly it makes them hate Apple even more.

One of the research areas was particularly interesting: it was if I remember well a study about asthma symptoms, and the participants phone location was used together with a grid of a few 1000 air polluants sensors in New york city

And samples taken by researchers from around the city too (scrapings from buildings and trash cans)! That was a really cool use of the technology to try and find more exactly what things may trigger attacks.

Comment: ResearchKit is still not HealthKit (Score 1) 93

by SuperKendall (#49556275) Attached to: Apple's Next Frontier Is Your Body

That's today. Do you really think they're going to leave it at that?

Leave it at WHAT? The whole POINT, again, is that ResearchKit forwards data to researchers. Doing anything with diagnosis is utterly alien to it's purpose. It does not matter "how far" they take ResearchKit, because that direction is not nor will it ever be diagnosis...

HealthKit is ALREADY how the user reviews any data collected. So there's no point in ResearchKit doing anything like that since HealthKit is where that feature already exists.

If you want to complain about HealthKit for letting people see their own data - well go ahead (though even that seems non-sensical to me). But the original misplaced tirade was against ResearchKit.

Comment: It comes from other sensors (Score 3, Informative) 93

by SuperKendall (#49555537) Attached to: Apple's Next Frontier Is Your Body

ResearchKit is basically just a data-funnel, yes - but even that is useful to have as a basis for collecting health data, because it can pull anything from HealthKit you give it permission to.

Healthkit in turn, is where any number of devices and specialized monitors (like glucose measurement) can feed data into.

The Watch may not track glucose levels, but since HealthKit can track that data, as long as you have a sensor it can still be fed back to researchers, or into something like a glucose-monitoring Apple Watch App.

Comment: How does it do that? In fact it cannot. (Score 1) 93

by SuperKendall (#49555513) Attached to: Apple's Next Frontier Is Your Body

so will this enable people to take it to the next stage, by "self-diagnosing" symptoms

ResearchKit is about using sensors and apps to send data about what you do to researchers. It's not about diagnosis at all, simply data collection... there is no "diagnosis", other than what a doctor might tell you from the gathered data.

Comment: ResearchKit is not HealthKit (Score 3, Informative) 93

by SuperKendall (#49555479) Attached to: Apple's Next Frontier Is Your Body

HealthKit is for those people measuring metrics around heart rate and so on (which it seems to me lots of people do simply to improve how they work out rather than because they think there is anything wrong).

ResearchKit is about measuring what ACTUALLY happens to you over the course of a day or week, rather than what you imagine (or pretend) is happening.

It's also about vastly expanding the data points researchers have into how disease or lifestyle affects people.

And the whole thing is open source so there can be ResearchKit clients for Android too...

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