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Comment: Re:Finally, logic and reason win out. (Score 1) 210

by John R. Isidore (#36783006) Attached to: Green Card Lottery Judgment Favors Mathematical Randomness
Would it have been terrible to let in twice as many people this year, i.e. the people selected due to the glitch AS WELL AS the people selected by the second truly random lottery? (I know nothing about immigrations logistics and laws, so don't know how dumb that proposition is).

Comment: They approached it wrong. (Score 1) 250

by John R. Isidore (#36708614) Attached to: Idle: File-Sharing Is Not a Religion, Says Swedish Government
These people approached it the wrong way though, the file-sharing aspect shouldn't have been that obvious to start with. What they should have done is scrape some of Timothy Leary's crankier writing about techno-shamanism where pure a network of pure unified knowledge is the eventual goal of humanity or something and try to get a religion based on that, and only when that is recognized, argue that the set of belief also covers file sharing.

Comment: They'll simply profit from the name. (Score 5, Interesting) 244

by John R. Isidore (#36706818) Attached to: <em>Space Invaders</em>: The Movie
The name 'Space Invaders' rings a bell for a lot of people. It has no meaning in regard to the story apart from alien invasion, but the name 'Space Invaders' has deep ties in popular culture, meaning much more people will go see the movie because of the it, even if it has little or nothing to do with the game.

Comment: Re:I believe you've mispelt (Score 1) 462

by John R. Isidore (#36706014) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Living Without Internet At-Home Access?
The internet can simply be a huge drain of time. Spending the day on the net isn't any better than spending the day to watch TV. If the original poster realized he needs to take some distance, that's his right. Looking at your post history, trying this probably wouldn't hurt you either.

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