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Comment Re:They also stopped the monorail to airport (Score 1) 133

San Diego's trolley system mysteriously goes RIGHT BY our airport without a stop there. As you pass, you can photograph the plane you'll be leaving on as the car whisks you to some stop where you'll have to catch a cab. If Uber ever gets enough traction to bust the taxi cartel, perhaps its political clout will be damaged enough that it won't be able to fight for horseshit like this any more. That day can't come fast enough.

Comment Re:Sounds normal (Score 1) 209

There's not enough developers to hire, so you have to resort to shady practises to hire them. My company hasn't had a single good legal candidate for our Java backend position apply in over two years, so we got creative.

Did it ever occur to you that maybe your company is crooked, sucks, isn't paying enough, or all of the above?

Comment Re:Yes, they are employees (Score 1) 367

I agree with the judge on one point: if they were independent contractors, they would be free to pickup passengers not using Uber.

If Uber allowed that, they'd be allowing street hails, which would in effect make them a taxi company. Regulators have been operating stings lately where somebody will wheedle their way into an Uber car without using the app, and then regulators fine the hell out of everyone for violating the law.

Comment Re: Tax dollars hard at work (Score 2) 120

Right, that's the exact story the officer, Darren Wilson gave. And indeed, it was corroborated, by his girlfriend who wasn't even there. That's about all we know, because the case was not even allowed to go to trial. These are the kind of fundamental injustices people are upset about.

A forensic examination by the Obama Justice Department, an entity presumably not interested in covering up for a bad cop shooting an innocent black victim, found evidence consistent with Wilson's version of events. You don't have a trial when there's no evidence that a crime occurred.

Comment How about this (Score 1) 250

Uber sets a max price. Drivers are allowed to tell the app that they're willing to take a smaller sum, and Uber will dispatch the lowest-priced car in the area to the user if they're within some time window where it won't make the wait excessive. The higher price incentivizes the drivers, but they're allowed to compete on the price if they want, which will serve to hold it down.

Comment Good luck with that in California (Score 1) 96

I'll bet the discharge water won't meet environmental standards, even if it's the identical stuff taken from the ocean. There was one guy who had a business farming fish and he was using ocean water. His discharge was cleaner than the intake water, but it didn't matter; they wanted him to clean it even more. He ended up shutting down and moving the business to Hawaii rather than deal with the intransigence of the bureaucrats.

Comment Re:What a clusterfuck (Score 1) 676

I think it's obvious those particular messages shouldn't be an issue here. Last I checked ex post facto is still not allowed. My current understanding is that there have been messages found that were classified at the time that she transmitted them using her personal server. At the very least she deserves official censure for failing to follow appropriate State Department procedures. I think Treason is probably overstating the case as would be violations of the Patriot Act or Espionage Act, however the title 18 violation currently looks legit and that's pretty serious stuff.

It's also clear from this story that she's given thumb drives containing the emails in question, plus many other as-yet-unexamined ones, to people who don't have security clearances. That's the kind of thing that got David Petraeus convicted. And in his case, the documents were the lowest level of classification, CONFIDENTIAL, and not TOP SECRET.

Comment Remember the IRS "non-scandal"? (Score 1, Insightful) 256

Anyone who pooh poohed the notion that the IRS has been turned into a political weapon, you only have to look here to see the process in action. Those in power will use every available lever to get at their enemies. The only thing that will curb this kind of abuse is not just to fire them, but prosecute and imprison them.

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