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Comment Re: Further proof the web model blows (Score 1) 53

Too many assumptions here. Presumably the honeypot is full of false data delivering nonsense alerts to nowhere, and the owner is aware when it's compromised. That's what it's for. Of course, if you assume that hackers take over your entire data center at all 7 OSI layers, it really doesn't matter what defenses you have in place.

Comment Confused (Score 1) 260

Recently I've read articles on the purported health benefits of chocolate, especially dark chocolate -- ie, without the usual additives of sugar and milk. But not including weight loss, you're supposed to do that in the usual ways. Yet this article slams "choc is good" claims with a wide brush, as do most of the Slashdot comments above. So I'm unsure about the whole thing, and wish people could stick to the topic and clarify their contexts upfront.


Hey, UN-F*CK BETA! I'd glady pay for a moderated discussion, without never-ending comments from the peanut gallery. Sorry peanuts, I just don't have time,.

Comment But how to proceed? (Score 1) 77

Suppose a smaller company does care, and wants to implement measures? These tools sound good, but like an auto parts store when you want a whole car, the integration is non-trivial. I guess the current solution is to hire a specialist, if you can find one appropriate. Maybe the industry has to evolve a bit more.

Comment Dryness (Score 1) 550

I investigated having this surgery a few years ago, in my late forties, with a thorough check at the Kellogg eye center at the University of Michigan. Their conclusion was that my eyes are too dry to be good candidates for this operation. It would cause irritation and even more dryness, and the side effects of halos would be worse with my eyes. Sadder and wiser, I skipped the procedure. I used to wear contact lenses but gave that up after a while for the same reasons. My latest glasses are very lightweight and not much of a bother to wear.

Comment great dogs (Score 2) 415

Impressive how these dogs can detect "storage with child porn", as opposed to storage with business data. It would be interesting to try some stenography tests, to see if the dogs can sniff through that as well. Maybe the stored data has some karmatic "bits of intent" floating around that the dogs can detect, just like they can implicitly growl at burglars but not ordinary visitors.

Comment Group Grope (Score 1) 306

Lot's of suggestions here for singleton work, but maybe you should get into something new by learning in a team. This could be "extreme programming" if you're already working in a paid corporate job, or by taking a real course someplace where you can interact with similar mindsets. (The course itself may be less useful than the peer interaction, so still worth the cost.) And sometimes software conferences have workshops or "interaction sessions". Community colleges are another possibility for special topics.

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