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John Harrison's Journal: Real Time Black List - Am I off? 5

Journal by John Harrison
So to my surprise today /. can up and there was the meta-moderation link at the top of the page. I haven't seen it since the Post of Doom. Is there some sort of time limit on the rtbl or is CmdrTaco just several months behind reading his email?

Anyhow, I clicked on the link and it wasn't some sort of joyful experience. Meta-moderating is actually not very fun. Actual moderation is fun when it happens. Maybe I should go awhile without posting and see if I can moderate for real again.

Has anybody else out there that lost the ability to moderate gained it back recently?

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Real Time Black List - Am I off?

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  • I never lost meta-moderation but I wasn't given moderator points until about 3 months ago. I don't know how they organized this list, but it seems that some people were affected more than others.
    • After slashcode 2.0 (?) was installed the amount of time between being able to moderate increased significantly for me. I finally realized that I was always able to moderate after not posting for a while. I think that the rtbl controls both the ability to moderate and m2, so you can't lose one and not the other. If someone has bothered to understand this better than I have then I welcome corrections.
      • by flikx (191915)

        In response to your '?', slashdot operators never actually run slashcode 2.0 on slashdot. About a year ago, there were a few 2.0 features cludged into what was roughly slashcode 1.1.14 running slashdot. In august of 2001, slashdot actually switched to a variant of the 2.2.x slashcode tree.

        Of course, I could be completely wrong, I'm only an outsider.

  • rtbl was erased from slashcode. new features are there in its place. details to follow in my journal as soon as i understand what's going on.

  • Some Woman [] mentioned this in her journal today.

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