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Comment Re: And what does that cost for gigabit routing? (Score 1) 111

The problem Broadcom has in comparison with other SoC makers is they never open source their drivers except under extreme duress.

Broadcom absolutely sucks to work with in every way. They are truly awful, even if you are doing closed source development and sign all their NDAs ad nauseum.

Comment Bill's dream? Please. What a joke. (Score 4, Insightful) 169

Bill Gate's dream is a world completely run by proprietary software, and a business model subsidized by government enforced statutory monopoly.

Artificial barriers to entry is exactly preventing technology from being available to the underprivileged.

The idea that Gates wants ANYBODY to have cheap computing technology is laughable. Water? Fine. Anything more advance than that? Tough luck. Pay your lords, serfs.

Comment Re:This is ridiculous (Score 1) 781

The negative connotation of the term was invented by guys calling eachother "bro" and engaging in misogynist behaviour which sometimes includes predatory sexual practices that can extend to rape.

They did not assign that meaning to the word bro. You (and others) just did, to disparage a subgroup of men, not women.

Comment Re:A timeline... (Score 1) 781

Also, a maximum PPM of toxic elements would be helpful so we can figure out if we have to go full triple filtered reverse osmosis or if a standard carbon filter would do the trick.

Sorta like they did for PPMs of aggression, aka, microaggressions?

Pluralizing "aggression" wasn't enough for them.

Comment Re:This is ridiculous (Score 1) 781

I'd instantly get a mental image of the developers being a bunch of frat boys high-fiving calling each other bro.

So because you're clearly a misandrist (and assume "bro" denigrates men), "bro" is somehow misogynist instead?

I'm not even sure Orwell envisioned such a level of semantic contortion was possible.

Comment Re:This is ridiculous (Score 1) 781

Someone tells them that in North American culture that extension carries a connotation they didn't realize.

No, Mr. McManus completely invented a connotation that only complete idiots assume exists:

It comes of[sic] misogynistic and unprofessional due to the world it lives in.


There Is No .bro In Brotli: Google/Mozilla Engineers Nix File Type As Offensive 781

theodp writes: Several weeks ago, Google launched Brotli, a new open source compression algorithm for the web. Since then, controversy broke out over the choice of 'bro' as the content encoding type. "We are hoping to establish a file ending .bro for brotli compressed files, a command line tool 'bro' for compressing and uncompressing brotli files, and a accept/content encoding type 'bro'," explained Google software engineer Jyrki Alakuijala. "Can I talk you out of it?," replied Mozilla SW engineer Patrick McManus. "'bro' has a gender problem, even though the dual meaning is unintentional. It comes of[f] misogynistic and unprofessional due to the world it lives in." Despite some pushback from commenters, a GitHub commit made by Google's Zoltan Szabadka shows that there will be no '.bro' in Brotli. "I have asked a feminist friend from the North American culture-sphere, and she advised against bro," explained Alakuijala. "We have found a compromise that satisfies us, so we don't need to discuss this further. Even if we don't understand why people are upset from our cultural standpoint, they would be (unnecessarily) upset and this is enough reason not to use it."

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